Kudos to Awardees of Nurse Practitioner Council Awards

Kudos to this year’s recipients of the Nurse Practitioner Council (NPC) award winners and honoree!

  • Jesica Pagano-Therrien, NP, was awarded the Nurse Practitioner’s Exemplar Award. Nominated by Christina Hermos, MD, and Katherine Luzuriaga, MD, Jesica is recognized for her commitment to not only her patients, but to furthering local and national research in the pediatric population.
  • Robin Mason, NP, is the winner of the Clinical Practice Award for Excellence. Nominated by John Kelly, MD, chief of general and laparoscopic surgery, Robin is recognized for her exceptional clinical skills and diagnosis/management of general surgery and bariatric patients.
  • Paulette Seymour-Route, NP, dean of the Graduate School of Nursing, was honored for her support of NPC and our NPs. She was a founding member of NPC in 2003. After this year, the Nurse Practitioner Exemplar Award will be renamed the Paulette Seymour-Route Nurse Practitioner Exemplar Award in her honor!
Left photo: Christine Hermos and Vinetta McCann, DNP, chair of the Nurse Practitioner Council, flank winner Jesica Pagano-Therrien, NP. Center photo: McCann and John Kelly, MD, flank winner Robin Mason, NP. Right photo: McCann honors Paulette Seymour Route, NP, dean of the Graduate School of Nursing.

Left photo: Christine Hermos and Vinetta McCann, DNP, chair of the Nurse Practitioner Council, flank winner Jesica Pagano-Therrien, NP. Center photo: McCann and John Kelly, MD, flank winner Robin Mason, NP. Right photo: McCann honors Paulette Seymour Route, NP, dean of the Graduate School of Nursing.

Learn How You Can Quit Smoking Like a Champion!

In this segment of Health Watch that recognized the American Cancer Society Great American Smokeout, Greg Seward, director of the Tobacco Consultation Service, weighs in on the dangers of smoking and e-cigarettes and provides available resources for people interested in quitting smoking. Email Greg Seward for help with quitting. Patients and families can call 508-334-5393 to book an appointment with a tobacco specialist.

Northborough Crossing Opens; Dr. Shubha Pai Welcomes Patients 

Dr. Pai

Dr. Pai

Shubha Pai, MD, received her medical degree from Institute Technologico de Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. She completed her residency training in internal medicine at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, NY. Dr. Pai is board certified in internal medicine and her areas of interest include women’s health, diabetes and thyroid disease. Currently she specializes in internal medicine at UMass Memorial Medical Group at Northborough Crossing, 333 Southwest Cutoff. She is fluent in Hindi, Urdu and Spanish. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Pai, call 855-UMass-MD. See online profile; visit website.

Apply Now: UMass ALS Cellucci Fund to Host Marathon Team

UMass-ALS-Celucci-Fund-Logo_for_websiteThe UMass ALS Cellucci Fund will host a team to participate in the Boston Marathon for the fifth year and interested runners are encouraged to apply to participate. Five official race numbers will be given to marathoners who commit to raising at least $7,500 each for the ALS Cellucci Fund. Applicants for the 2016 Cellucci Fund Boston Marathon team will be evaluated based on their fundraising history and reasons for wanting to join the team. Visit the Cellucci Fund Boston Marathon website for information about becoming a part of the team.

Help Worcester Go Greener: Join a WRTA Session to Learn More!

Have you ever considered the importance public bus transportation has on our patients, visitors, employees – and community? Our Medical Center is served by Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA), which has decreased its use of fossil fuels over the last two years with its fleet of electric and hybrid buses. WRTA buses arrive on our campuses as early as 5:30 am and as late as 11:30 pm via routes 14, 15, 16, 23, 24 and 26. Learn more about WRTA and how you can participate in making Worcester greener; attend one of the following sessions:

  • December 3, Memorial Campus cafeteria, 11 am to 1 pm
  • December 10, Hahnemann Campus cafeteria, 11 am to 1 pm
  • December 17, University Campus cafeteria, 11 am to 1 pm

Medical School Ob/Gyn Study Seeks Women Who Aren’t Pregnant

Women who are not pregnant nor have had a child between the ages of 18 and 45 years of age are invited to participate in a Medical School research study examining the differences in adipose tissue (fatty tissue) expansion between women who develop diabetes in pregnancy and those that don’t. The Medical School has uncovered some interesting findings about the changes in adipose tissue in pregnancy and need to do a comparison to non-pregnancy fatty tissue. Fatty tissue is obtained by placing a needle under the skin after it is numbed. Participants are compensated for participation. For details, contact Sharon Smith at 508-334-6678. (Docket: H-00000836)

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CMG Innovator of Year Recognized for Most Implemented Ideas

Katherine Auger

Katherine Auger

An important organizational goal of UMass Memorial Health Care is that every employee implements at least one idea each year. In an effort to meet this goal, our Community Medical Group (CMG) practice sites have idea boards and encourage employees to track ideas with unadorned Mr./Mrs. Potato Heads at the onset of the fiscal year. As ideas are implemented, employees receive a potato part, five ideas completes one Potato Head.  Katherine Auger, medical assistant, Worcester Nephrology, 10 Winthrop Street, has completed six Potato Heads, earning her the first CMG Innovator of the Year Award. The total number of CMG ideas generated to date is 829. Congratulations! Learn more about our Employee Idea System.

Dr. Michael Hirsh Pushes for Stronger Seatbelt Law

Earlier this week, Charter TV3 Worcester News Tonight reporter Patricia Nicholas recently spoke with the Children’s Medical Center’s Michael Hirsh, MD, chief, Division of Pediatric Surgery, and director, Pediatric Trauma Services, about his efforts toward stronger seatbelt enforcement in Massachusetts. “Ninety-five percent of the patients we take care of have injuries that are preventable with a little bit of foresight,” said Dr. Hirsh, who is pushing to turn Bradley’s Bill into a law. Under the new law, police officers would be allowed to pull over drivers who are not wearing a seatbelt and present both drivers and their passengers with a $50 fine.

Enhance Your Skills at Work; Join an Employees Resource Group

Information sessions are now scheduled for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that will be forming to help employees become involved in transforming culture to a more inclusive, engaged and productive environment. ERGs at UMass Memorial Health Care are primarily task groups that establish networks that provide education, awareness and opportunities for professional and personal growth. Develop new leadership skills and learn about the “big eight” dimensions of human diversity. Download flier for details. Light meals/snacks provided. RSPV today to join an information session in the Lamar Soutter Library conference room, University Campus, Tuesday, December 8, noon to 1 pm, or Wednesday, December 16, 8 to 9 am.