First in Region to Implant New Heart Failure Monitoring System

Our Medical Center is the first facility in Central Massachusetts to implant a new miniaturized, wireless monitoring sensor to manage heart failure (HF). The CardioMEMS HF System is the first and only FDA-approved heart failure monitoring device that has been proven to significantly reduce hospital admissions. “This technology has the ability to treat and improve the health and outcomes of heart failure patients by monitoring changes and adjusting treatment plans or medications before the symptoms become a problem,” says Theo Meyer, MD, director, Heart Failure Wellness Program. Watch the video and learn how the implant works, and how the data is transmitted through a special pillow.

Pediatric Endocrine Society Taps Dr. Mary Lee

Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee

Congratulations are extended to Mary Lee, MD, physician-in-chief of the UMass Memorial Children’s Medical Center, who was named president-elect of the national Pediatric Endocrine Society. As reported in UMass Med Now, “The society provides a forum for medical research in the field of endocrinology and metabolism in the young to be presented, debated and subjected to the reactions and criticism of those physicians and other scientists who have recognized competence in the field, according to its by-laws.” Dr. Lee is internationally recognized for her ground-breaking research and has been identified as a leader in the field of pediatrics, holding seats with multiple organizations.

Our Commitment to Integrity: Review Fraud and Abuse Policy

It’s the policy of UMass Memorial Health Care and the Medical Center to provide and to maintain a culture characterized by integrity, responsible behavior, and a commitment to the highest legal and ethical standards. All UMass Memorial workforce members share responsibility for ensuring that our system conducts its activities in a manner that complies with all applicable federal and state laws. This includes ensuring the integrity of all claims, reporting of inappropriate conduct and protecting the rights of any individual who reports concerns. A detailed discussion of the federal and state false claims acts, the role of the compliance program in facilitating and monitoring compliance, reporting of inappropriate conduct, and protection against retaliation is included in the Fraud and Abuse Reporting Policy 1414. Questions about the policy? Contact the Compliance Office at 508-334-0008.

Medical School Study Finds Twitter Effective with Weight Loss

Dr. Pagoto

Dr. Pagoto

According to behavioral and quantitative health experts at the Medical School, Twitter weight-loss groups have become an effective tool for social media users looking to lose weight and improve their health. A study led by Sherry Pagoto, PhD, associate professor of medicine, evaluated the use of social media as a means to provide weight loss counseling and reduce the frequency of patient visits, leading to reduced medical costs. “This series of studies showed that using a private Twitter group as an adjunct or alternative to an in-person behavioral weight-loss program is feasible and acceptable,” said Dr. Pagoto. “These findings have broad implications for delivering behavioral counseling interventions that tend to require numerous patient visits, which are logistically difficult for patients to attend or simply not covered by health insurance.” Read story.

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