Our Growth and Technology Transitions into Community

In a recent interview with the Worcester Business Journal, UMass Memorial Health Care President and CEO Eric Dickson, MD, said that future systemwide growth will be away from the traditional hospital campus setting. Dr. Dickson said UMass Memorial is investing in urgent care centers and creating a strong network of community family practices to provide the right level of care for patients where they live and in a lower cost setting. “All new growth is dispersed away from the primary campuses,” said Dr. Dickson. “All the new investments are going to be made out in the community, and the IT systems … that connect them to our technicians here.” Read article.

Dr. Davids: Why Colonoscopies Aren’t Just for People 50 and Older

Although the recommended age for screening colonoscopies is 50, that doesn’t mean younger individuals should turn a blind eye to risk factors and warning signs. In this Health Watch, Jennifer Davids, MD, colorectal surgeon, discusses recent studies that have shown an increase in the number of younger patients being diagnosed with colorectal cancer and what that means for early detection and treatment. Learn about our employee colonoscopy screening program that will reimburse you the copay for your first colonoscopy!

Optimize Your Own Inner Resources through Mindfulness

center-for-mindfulnessmyHealth MattersOne of the newest 1,000-point challenges at myHealth Matters is the Advanced Practice Mindfulness goal. Over the last 35 years, our own Center for Mindfulness has shown that training and practice in mindfulness lead to consistent reductions in symptoms from chronic pain, anxiety and a host of other conditions. Both the eight-week Stress Reduction course and the six-week Mindfulness@Work course begin in April and qualify for the challenge. The center also offers many other courses, tools and resources to help you harness your own innate resources and abilities to respond effectively to stress, pain and illness.

Does Implementing Your Idea Need a Funding Boost?

This-Side-Upsleep-babyWill your team’s idea improve patient, employee or provider experience? Can it be adapted by other areas? Do you need funding to see it come to fruition? Check out the Innovation Fund! The fund supports teams in piloting a new idea that’s outside of normal budgeted expenses. Recently the Maternity and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit teams on the Memorial Campus gained funding for materials to educate families on safe sleep practices, a Department of Public Health focus. The team identified a book for families to read and designed a visual reminder of the safe sleep position. Congratulations!

Free Screening of Postpartum Depression Documentary Offered April 6 

Dark Side ImageOur Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Department of Psychiatry invite you to a free screening of the documentary: “Dark Side of the Full Moon” – a feature-length film highlighting postpartum depression. A panel discussion will follow, including an update on some of the great progress we’ve made with the work of the Commission on Postpartum Depression, established by an Act of the Massachusetts Legislature in August 2010. Join us for this free event Wednesday, April 6, 4 to 6 pm, Albert Sherman Center Auditorium and Atrium, University Campus. Register today.

Watch What You Eat: Eight Foods That Increase Inflammation 

pizzaWhen you have arthritis, your body is in an inflammatory state, and what you eat may not only increase inflammation, it can also set you up for other chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Read our Simply Well blog post to learn about eight inflammation food triggers. The good news is that studies reinforce that eating chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is good for you. Try this yummy recipe this weekend and enjoy a guilt-free treat. Simply Well, our systemwide community wellness blog, is produced by our Marketing and Communications Department.

Medical School Offers Tobacco Treatment Specialist Trainings

The Center for Tobacco Treatment Research and Training announces its spring 2016 tobacco treatment specialist trainings. The program offers a basic skills online course that is ongoing and self-paced, and serves as an introduction to the basic concepts needed by professionals working with tobacco users. A four-day tobacco treatment specialist (TTS) certification training is also offered. This course helps tobacco treatment providers master the necessary core competencies for providing treatment for nicotine dependence. The TTS program is April 4 to 7, Hilton Garden Inn, Worcester. CEUs are available for both courses. For more information visit or email cttrt@umassmed.edu.