New Procedure Helps Some Patients Too Sick for Open Heart Surgery

A minimally invasive procedure is now offered for patients with symptoms of mitral regurgitation who are too sick for open heart surgery. Our Medical Center is one of only a few hospitals in Massachusetts offering transcatheter mitral valve repair (TMVR). Watch video, below, to learn more. Mitral valve regurgitation occurs when the mitral valve flaps don’t close all the way, causing blood to flow backward inside the heart. TMVR decreases the back flow of blood and helps blood flow normally in your heart. TMVR, using the FDA-approved MitraClip device, is unlike traditional heart surgery in that it doesn’t require opening the chest and temporarily stopping the heart.

Dr. Katzen Volunteers Orthopedic Services Overseas

Marshall Katzen, MD, center, is being interviewed after a presentation at Yangon General Hospital in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).

Marshall Katzen, MD, center, is being interviewed after a presentation at Yangon General Hospital in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).

Marshall Katzen, MD, orthopedic surgeon at the Medical Center, recently returned from a month-long trip to Burma where he joined physicians, orthopedic surgery residents and medical students at Yangon General Hospital providing care to patients. Dr. Katzen’s volunteerism was conducted with Orthopedics Overseas, a division of Health Volunteers. The mission of this organization is to provide education and training to local medical care providers. When asked where he will go next, Dr. Katzen answered, “Who knows? But what I do know is that sharing one’s knowledge is extremely satisfying. I encourage other professionals to try it. They won’t regret it.”


Health Watch: Dr. Nompleggi Discusses Colonoscopy Screening Prep

For most patients, the most dreaded aspect of colonoscopy screening is not the procedure, but the required preparation. In this Health Watch, Dominic Nompleggi, MD, chief, Division of Gastroenterology, discusses some common concerns regarding colonoscopy prep and the changes that are making it easier to swallow. Don’t forget about our employee colonoscopy screening program that will reimburse you the copay for your first colonoscopy!

Nurses: Deadline to Apply for On-site RN-to-BSN Program Is April 15

WSU LogoAre you a registered nurse who was unable to attend the RN to BSN program information sessions held this past winter? If so, you can access program information and application online via My HR. UMass Memorial Health Care, in partnership with Worcester State University, will begin a new session of the RN-to-BSN program in the fall of 2016 for nurses preferring to study on-site at the Medical Center. Applications are due April 15 for this competitive program so act now to learn about requirements and the application process. Questions? Email or call 508-793-5626.

Fire: Do You Know What to Do during a Code Red Emergency?

fire code red flamesWhat should you do if you smell smoke or see fire at work? You need to prepare for a Code Red and familiarize yourself with our general fire plan, by following RACE:

  • Rescue – Assist anyone away from danger.
  • Alarm – In a safe area, pull the nearest firm alarm and dial the emergency number to report the location and nature of the fire.
  • Confine – Shut all doors in the area to limit the transfer of smoke and/or fire.
  • Extinguish/Evacuate – If trained, extinguish the fire, or evacuate in accordance with your department/building fire plan (or if ordered by the Fire Department).

Ask your manager about your department-specific fire plan, and visit our Emergency Preparedness page on OurNet.

Learn Why Child Life Specialists Are Recognized in March 

Child Life Collage 3 16

The child life team makes a visit to the Medical Center a bit easier and much more fun for our pediatric patients.

This month we recognize our child life specialists who make sure our youngest patients are comfortable and happy while in our care. Whether in the hospital, in the emergency room or a clinic, pediatric patients have basic needs that may be magnified by illness, injury or loss of the familiar routines of life. Our certified child life specialists create a child-friendly, family-centered environment; lessen anxiety and stress through emotional support, preparation for procedures and coping interventions; and work with patients and families to create a plan of care and promote involvement.

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