A Note to Our Community

The thoughts and prayers of the entire Medical Center community are with the loved ones of those affected by the events this weekend in Auburn, Leicester and Oxford involving law enforcement. Thank you to all of our compassionate caregivers in many roles who worked tirelessly through these tragic events. We treasure the work you do every day for each and every patient; performing with such dedication is especially difficult when those in need are our close neighbors and friends. We remind employees who may need its services, that the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is always available 24/7 at 800-322-5327. See Telegram & Gazette coverage.

Congratulations to Our Second RN to BSN Graduating Class!

RN-to-BSN-GraduationSeventeen UMass Memorial Health Care nurses completed the RN to BSN collaborative program between Worcester State University and our Medical Center and graduated recently. Learn more about the program. The Department of Nursing and Human Resources are celebrating the successes of the second graduating class! Graduates are (in alphabetical order by last name): Lori Clark, Susan Colton, Maura Curran, Meghan Hreschuk, Fabiana Long, Shanna Martin, Catharine Mysliwiec, Kenneth Njoroge, Nancy Nogueira, Pamela Perkins, Idowu Salau, Theresa Steele, Sherry Thibeault, Nicole Vilandre, Danielle Willett and Mary Woodside. Missing from photo: Erin Riley.

Data Specialist, Interpreter Services Coordinator Share Caregiver Stories

Caregivers, from left, David Vogel and Max Grecchi

Caregivers, from left, David Vogel and Max Grecchi

No matter the responsibilities or title, every employee is a caregiver at UMass Memorial Health Care. We all fill an important role for our patients and their families. As part of the Everyone Is a Caregiver program, our caregivers are featured through images and stories visible across our facilities and communications initiatives. Learn more about our caregivers featured on our Everyone, Everyday website:

  • David Vogel, safety intelligence data specialist, Medical Center: “Working with my colleagues is definitely worth getting up in the morning,” he said. “I enjoy my work, the unity among our team, and mutual respect and recognition between us.”
  • Max Grecchi, coordinator of Interpreter Services, Marlborough Hospital: A patient’s husband thanked him in person: “He said our interpreters were always so helpful, always on time. And even when they were dealing with difficult news, we made it easier for them. That kind of thing gives me fuel.”

Kudos to Connie Camelo: Award Recipient and Presenter 

  • Connie Camelo, director of Interpreter Services, with Terence Flotte, MD, Medical School executive deputy chancellor (left), Medical Center President Patrick Muldoon and President and CEO Eric Dickson, MD (from right).

    Connie Camelo, director of Interpreter Services, with Terence Flotte, MD, Medical School executive deputy chancellor (left), Medical Center President Patrick Muldoon and President and CEO Eric Dickson, MD.

    Congratulations to our Medical Center and Medical School colleagues who were recently recognized during the Diversity and Inclusion Office’s National Minority Health Month event. Connie Camelo, director of Interpreter Services, received the Cultural Competence in Medicine Award from President and CEO Eric Dickson, MD. Medical Center President Patrick Muldoon and Senior Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education (GME) Deborah Demarco, MD, also recognized Jessica Bossie, MD, Nora Lamartine, MD, Ivonne McLean, MD, and Pamela Sansoucy, MD, with the GME Reducing Health Disparities Awards at the Minority Month celebration. Learn more.

  • In addition to her award, Connie Camelo presented “A Medical Interpreter in the Emergency Department,” to the International Medical Interpreters Association, as part of a two-part workshop to demonstrate the operational changes to advance the delivery of interpreter services in the emergency room. Learn more.

Coach Dickson’s Tips: Keep Huddles Focused and Organized 

Dr. Dickson

Dr. Dickson

News & Views features Idea System coaching tips from President and CEO Eric Dickson, MD: Does your team’s idea huddle take longer than 15 minutes each week? Does your huddle discussion tend to go off topic? If your team is having trouble staying focused, here’s a great idea from the Nursing Professional Development Team! They improved their idea huddles by assigning  a team member to be a “shepherd” who keeps the group focused or recommends a small group meeting to discuss a task after the huddle. They also assign a “timekeeper” to work with the shepherd to keep the huddle on time and a “recorder” to write on the Idea Board. Find other spreadable ideas on the Idea System website!

Educate Yourself During Osteoporosis Month 

3 women photo yogaDid you know that one in two women and up to one in four men over the age of 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis? There are ways to help slow or stop the loss of bone mass and help prevent fractures, such as eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. A variety of factors put you at risk for developing osteoporosis, making it important to talk to your physician about the condition and develop a plan to protect your bones! Learn more about osteoporosis and our services so your bones stay strong and healthy.

Interpreter Bayada Asbridge Exhibits Art at Lamar Soutter Library

Three fish

The Lamar Soutter Library’s Artist in Residence Series presents, Eclectica, an art exhibit by Bayda Asbridge. Attend an opening reception Thursday, June 9, 5 pm, first floor of the library. Bayda is an Arabic-English interpreter at our Medical Center who describes herself as a visual artist. She chose the title, Eclectica, because it reflects her interest in a variety of genres. Representing her selection for her second exhibit in the library, pieces on display will include Asian and Middle Eastern arts, Japanese saori-style weavings, printmaking, mixed media and Asian brush painting. Learn more.