5-Year-Old Patient Treated for Black Widow Spider Bite

Kaylin Donovan was recently treated at our Medical Center for a Black Widow spider bite. (Photos courtesy of CBS News)

At first, it just seemed that Kaylin Donovan, 5, had a bruise on the back of her leg. It wasn’t until the bruise worsened and Kaylin developed a fever that her mother, Kristine Donovan, rushed her to our ED on University Campus. It was William Durbin, MD, pediatric infectious disease, who revealed the “bruising” was a result of venom from a black widow spider bite. “She had a very distinctive bite, which was very scary for her parents and of course the doctors, too,” said Dr. Durbin in a Boston Globe interview. Black widows are typically found in the southern and western regions of the United States, and although rare, they can be found in Massachusetts. Read media coverage: WCVB, Washington Post, CBS News, Boston Globe, MassLive and New York Post.

Two Teams Win Prize for Idea Boards; Learn How Your Team Can Too!

The Arthritis and Joint Replacement Center team recently took advantage of the last few minutes of their idea huddle to view the idea huddle training video with CEO Eric Dickson, MD. The video gave them the idea to assign a timekeeper with a timer so their idea huddles stay on track. The 6ICU team also viewed the video and generated new ideas. For example, they implemented an idea to incorporate a Joint Commission quiz game to assess their readiness. Both teams are working to align their ideas to their team True North focus areas to make our Medical Center a better place to give and get care.

Top left photo: Jennifer Skane, right, leads the 6ICU Idea Board huddle, while team members (bottom to top) Anna Gonyea, Ellen Smith, Eda Bennett, Allison Jenkins, Jackie Bastien, Kerry Dwyer and Anna Rabski participate. Top right: A close-up shot of 6ICU’s Idea Board. Bottom photo: Members of the Arthritis and Joint Center Kelly Lebeau, Sarah Pierce, Jessica Cousineau and Joanne Gallagher review the video to make enhancements to their Idea Board.

Make improvements to your Idea Board and submit your ideas to News & Views for a chance to win a $25 Dunkin Donuts or Papa Gino’s gift card! All eligible entries will receive a prize while supplies last. Here’s what you need to do: First, watch the video and share it with your team! Next, submit the following to News & Views:

  • Team photo with idea board (candid, group selfies and posed photos welcome)
  • An idea your team will implement as a result of watching video
  • Provide a team member’s contact information
  • Your team’s choice of Dunkin Donuts or Papa Gino’s gift card

Your Opinion Counts: Take Survey for New Telehealth Addiction Service

Are you a part of the medical staff, nursing or social work departments from University or Memorial campus? If so, you’re asked to participate in a five-minute survey, as your feedback will assist with the development of our new telehealth addiction consultation service on the Memorial Campus. The program, starting June 26, funded by the Commonwealth’s Health Policy Commission, is an opportunity to intensify care for high-risk patients suffering from comorbid problems and substance abuse disorders. For more details about the program or to learn how to initiate a referral, read the announcement. Take the survey today.

Today We Recognize National Time Out Day

Do you follow Universal Protocol and know that it is a three-step process? If you answer YES to the following, you are helping to provide safe care for all our patients.

  1. Do you use a pre-verification list, script or process to verify that you are ready to do the procedure?
  2. Is the site marked if laterality is involved?
  3. Is a time out performed before all invasive/surgical procedures (except in an emergency if the risks outweigh the benefits)?
    1. Does the entire team STOP and participate?
    2. When there is a question, is the procedure delayed until clarified?
    3. Do you know that everyone is empowered to stop the procedure from moving forward?
    4. Is the time out documented?

Learn more on the SafeCare page on OurNet.

Reminder to Owners to Review Policies; See Updates on OurNet

We are currently in our Joint Commission survey window and all policies should be checked to ensure that policy matches practice. Visit the OurNet policy page to view all Medical Center policies, as well as the latest policy newsletter, FAQs, and policy and procedure templates. Email the policy administrator with necessary changes. The following policies have recently been updated and posted:

  • Policy 1124: Solicitation, the Solicitation of Funding, Access and the Distribution of Material
  • Policy 1310: Monitoring Expenditures
  • Policy 1311: Abandoned Property Reporting (Outstanding Checks, Patient Belongings and Credit Balances)
  • Policy 1352: Discounts and Warranties
  • Policy 2045: Nurse Practitioner Supervision
  • Policy 2230: Medication Storage, Handling, Security and Disposition
  • Policy 2248: Rapid Response Program
  • Policy 2080: Adult Parenteral Nutrition-Inpatient
  • Policy 2523: Scribe Policy
  • Policy 3000: Information Security Management
  • Policy 4060: Licensure, Registration and Certification Compliance
  • Policy 5024: Reprocessing of Specialized Reusable Equipment
  • Policy 6027: Code Pink Plan (Child/Infant Abductions)