Dr. Bozorgzadeh Shares His Story of Immigration and Success

Dr. Bozorgzadeh (photo courtesy of Worcester Magazine)

At our Medical Center, we are fortunate to have the strength of a diverse and storied workforce. While many of our employees are born and raised within the communities we serve, many have traveled across continents to become the some of our region’s finest caregivers. Iranian-born Adel Bozorgzadeh, MD, chief, division of organ transplantation, recently sat down with Worcester Magazine to share his story; one that includes attending college on three continents, political activism and perseverance. “I am blessed to have come to an institution that is so fundamentally and philosophically supportive of the things I value as a human, American and physician,” he said. Read his compelling story and his advice to immigrants.

Physicians: Deadline to Apply for PACE Research Award Is June 30

All Medical Group physicians are invited to submit a letter of intent to apply for the Prize for Academic Collaboration and Excellence (PACE) Award. The first of its kind, the fund supports cutting-edge research between departments and showcases our commitment to academic research. A $200,000 prize will be awarded over the course of two years to help fund research. Winners will be chosen based on merit, collaboration and growth opportunity. Applicants will receive added consideration if they plan to use research resources through the Center for Clinical and Translational Science. The deadline for submission is June 30. For more information, read the handout. Questions: Email Max Rosen, MD, or Shlomit Schaal, MD.

New Artwork Brightens up Pediatric Patient Room

From left: Kevin Gao, Kyvan Dang, Dr. Bateman and Carol Preston, RN, pose with the new artwork that now hangs in a PICU patient room.

Patient Room H5 on the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, University Campus, sports a new look with the recent installation of artwork. Inspired by a young patient who had spent time in the windowless room, Scot Bateman, MD, pediatric critical care, sought out art to improve the space. Artists of Community Canvases, Medical School volunteers who create artwork at the hospital, came to the rescue by hanging the art in room. Latitude Art Gallery acted as a consultant for the project, providing guidance with selecting artwork for a healing environment, while Capital Planning and Facilities departments provided logistical support and materials.

Got Your Health Covered? Preventive Care Key to Your Well-being

Did you know that when you see your physician on a regular basis, you are likely to receive preventive services in a timely manner? Your physician may recognize and treat medical conditions before they become serious – keeping you healthy! When you visit in-network providers, your medical plan fully covers preventive visits and many related services. Examples of covered services include routine exams, immunizations, labs, X-rays and clinical tests for you and your covered family members. (Refer to your plan documents for specific coverage details.) Questions? Contact Blue Cross Blue Shield at 800-932-8323 or Health Plans Inc. at 844-998-6642.

Heart Station Adjusts Holter Monitor Services

Holter monitors, battery-operated portable devices that measure and record the heart’s activity, are offered to patients through the Heart Station in our Cardiovascular Clinic. Referring physicians can order 24-hour, or seven-, 14- or 30-day Holter monitoring services. The Heart Station no longer offers 48-hour services. Typically, patient results after 48 hours show no difference than those after 24 hours. The change is a cost savings and patients don’t need to be inconvenienced by wearing the device longer than necessary. To make a referral, call 855-UMASS-MD (855-862-7763).

Stop by 306 Belmont Street for Locally Made Ice Cream!

Locals of Westborough may be familiar with Uhlman’s Ice Cream. This summer, the company brings its ice cream to employees at our 306 Belmont Street location. The ice cream truck will serve scoops every Thursday during the summer from 1 to 2:30 pm. If you work on another campus, take advantage of the summer weather and stop by. Each week, Uhlman’s will be bring six flavors: three specialty flavors along with a low-fat yogurt, a sugar-free ice cream and, of course, classic vanilla. See the full schedule and menus of other food trucks that frequent 306 Belmont Street.