Impressive Stats: 2017 Joint Commission Survey by the Numbers

Caregivers gather to hear glowing feedback from the surveyors at the closing conference held on the University Campus (bottom photo). The conference was broadcasted by video conference on the Memorial (top row) and Hahnemann campuses. 

Highest praise to all our caregivers and the Office of Quality and Patient Safety and Regulatory during last week’s Joint Commission survey. For three-and-a-half days, surveyors visited nearly every corner of the Medical Center’s campuses including offsite locations at Tri-River Family Health Center, Barre Family Health Center, Plumley Village, Marlborough Hospital Cancer Center and the Psychiatry Treatment and Recovery Center (PTRC). Each time they returned to report on their findings, they expressed amazement at the level of kindness, caring and engagement they experienced from our caregivers. Here’s a look back at the survey through numerous, notable figures.

  • 3 years of preparation for the survey
  • Survey duration: 3 ½ days
  • 8 surveyors and 1 preceptor came to survey
  • More than 75 units/departments visited
  • Over 100 miles walked by surveyors
  • 1,000s of data points evaluated
  • Dozens of accolades from surveyors
  • PTRC: Surveyors report that the entire staff is outstanding, not a single observation/area for improvement noted!
  • Memorial Campus pre- and post-op, operating rooms, sterile processing: The staff was engaged and helpful. All understand processes for keeping patients safe and the pre-op huddles with everyone on surgical teams are effective and the coordination among team members is impressive!
  • Nurses’ passion for caring for patients is exceptional!
  • Implementing frontline caregiver ideas – the best way to drive innovation and continual improvements – was cited as a strength for our organization.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Outstanding care of neonatal babies.
  • University Campus 7 ICU: No central line infections in 14 months!
  • Plumley Village: Surveyors were extremely impressed with the outreach program here.
  • Kitchen staff did an amazing job keeping the area exceptionally clean and in answering surveyor questions.
  • Emergency Department’s Prevention Study (suicide risk assessment) was commended as a best practice.
  • Memorial Campus Emergency Department: Staff huddle every four hours received strong praise from the surveyors.
  • A surveyor said about the University Campus Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU): “From pre-op through recovery and discharge, employees at the PACU are dedicated and highly engaged.”
  • The pharmacy received kudos from surveyors for being “very well run and efficient.”

During the closing conference the surveyors shared high praise:

  • “This has been an extraordinary week for us. Your staff is your best asset. You really follow through with your mission and vision, and have everything you need to succeed.”
  • “This is my ninth survey and it’s been the most amazing one I’ve been involved with so far.”
  • “It was a wonderful session with very engaged staff. This is an organization that really cares about patients and each other.”
  • “You should be very proud. You guys are first class.”
  • It was great observing so many positive interactions with patients by staff from across the organization.”
  • “I’ve completed more than 400 surveys and this organization truly walks the walk in building a culture of safety, and your culture is outstanding.”

And the last notable number: One celebration is being planned to recognize the hard work, engagement and dedication to all our caregivers during the Joint Commission survey!

Medical Center President Patrick Muldoon said, “The Joint Commission survey went extraordinary well.  The successful survey was also an opportunity to showcase our caregivers in action.  Every day our caregivers go above and beyond to care for our patients.  Their efforts were rewarded last week.”

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Street Festival Fosters Camaraderie among Colleagues

306 Belmont Street employees from billing, account payables and financial reporting enjoy the Taste of Shrewsbury Street. Pictured are: Andrew Hill, Donna Sides, Stephanie Sanchez, Analia Perez, Ellen Silva, Myrna Rubackin, Donna Bisceglia, Gina Bisceglia, Carolyn Ursoleo, Rosa Rosario, Maritza Gonzalez and Ann Poirier.

Pam Rocheleau with Buddy and Barney

To kick off the summer, the team at 306 Belmont Street strolled the annual Taste of Shrewsbury Street festival. More than 80 team members cruised along the street’s restaurant row, sampling signature dishes from Worcester local eateries. Pam Rocheleau, financial reporting, assisted with the horse and buggy carriage, guiding horses Buddy and Barney. For the 306 Belmont team, it was an evening of great food, live entertainment and camaraderie among colleagues.

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