Dr. Gravallese Receives Prestigious Award for Her Research

Dr. Gravallese

Ellen Gravallese, MD, chief of the Division of Rheumatology, received the American Society of Bone and Mineral Research 2017 Stephen M. Krane Award for her research in the area of inflammation and bone. Dr. Gravallese has dedicated her career to caring for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic autoimmune disease. She said, “I am extremely honored to receive this award, as I knew Stephen Krane when he served as chief of rheumatology at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Krane was an inspiration for my own work on the effects of inflammation on bone in rheumatic diseases.” Congratulations on this esteemed award! Read story.

Join Today’s Lunchtime Workplace Violence Prevention Program

Join us in person or via teleconference from noon to 1 pm today for a panel discussion on workplace violence prevention with panelists from our Medical Center and the Medical School. Moderated by Lisa Colombo, DNP, MHA, RN, chief nursing officer and senior vice president, Patient Care Services, the forum will be held in Amphitheatre III, University Campus and will be broadcasted at the Memorial Campus Amphitheater and Hahnemann Campus, 2nd Floor Conference Room. The discussion will also be recorded for on-demand viewing. Representatives from Employee Health Services, security, Campus Police, Employee Assistance Program, psychiatry and neurology will be engaging in the forum. For more information, view the flyer or contact Joanne Doherty at 774-443-0561.

Our Eye Center Offers New Technology for Cataract Surgery

The Eye Center team with the Centurion Vision System, pictured from left are: Enid Rodriguez, Michelle Puri, Dr. Luna, Susan Gevry and Donna Godin.

The UMass Memorial Eye Center is offering the latest technology for performing advanced cataract surgeries. The new Centurion Vision System maintains more stability within the eye during the cataract surgery procedure with fewer pressure fluctuations and can continuously adapt to changing conditions within the eye. It gives fingertip precision to the surgeon, and enhances the patient’s outcome. According to Gabriel Luna, MD, this equipment puts the Medical Center’s ophthalmologic team on the frontline of cataract technology, and provides the best and most efficient care for cataract patients. Learn more about the Centurion Vision System and our ophthalmology services.

Join On-Demand Afib Webinar: Reducing Stroke without Anticoagulants

Dr. Floyd

Atrial fibrillation, called afib, is the most common abnormal heart rhythm. With afib, warfarin is often used to thin the blood to prevent stroke. There’s now a breakthrough nondrug alternative to blood thinners that can reduce stroke in patients with this disease. In this on-demand webinar, Kevin Floyd, MD, interventional cardiologist, speaks about the Watchman left atrial appendage closure device, which can free patients from the challenges of long-term warfarin therapy. Watch today.

Use Our Health eCheck App to Find the Right Care for You

Choosing the medical care option that fits your health symptoms isn’t always easy. The UMass Memorial Health Care Health eCheck app can help you make the right choice. The symptom checker app determines whether you require medical attention based on clinical protocols used by physicians and nurses. Learn about the options you should consider before a trip to the Emergency Department. You can also find instructions on how to treat minor illnesses and injuries at home. Download the app found in the Apple Store or Google Play, and learn more via the Simply Well Blog post.

It’s Sandal Season: What You Need to Know about Foot Problems

Summer is sandal weather and that means showing off our feet and toes. Bunions, corns and hammertoes are common foot problems, in fact, a surprising 3 million people suffer from bunions which can last for years and may lead to arthritis. Our team of podiatrists provide advanced care for foot disorders, including diagnosis, and medical and surgical treatment. Learn about our podiatry care. Take this quiz to learn about bunions, corns and hammertoes. For example, true or false: Can you stop a bunion’s progression by switching shoes?