Dr. Bozorgzadeh Finds Connections with Patients from Life Experience

Dr. Bozorgzadeh was interviewed by MedPage Today. Watch video.

“Patients going through transplant surgery reminded me of myself … and where I came from.” This is how Iranian-born Adel Bozorgzadeh, MD, chief, Division of Solid Organ Transplant, describes the influence his journey to the United States had on his decision to pursue a career in transplant surgery. In a recent video interview published on MedPage Today, Dr. Bozorgzadeh recounts his experience of traversing the mountains of Iran and Turkey, which included a robbery at gunpoint and being mistaken as a government spy, to his eventual arrival to the U.S. Embassy in Paris. His story is an example of how the diversity of our caregivers makes our Medical Center the best place to give care and the best place to get care. Watch video.

Time to Recognize Achievements at Innovation Celebration Friday

At last month’s event on Hahnemann Campus, pictured from left, Medical Center President Patrick Muldoon and Vice President of Marketing and Communications Judy Taylor Patel are pictured with pet therapy dog Jaden; Ana Mechlin and Alison Lemay, patient experience, shared patient experience updates and Konstantin Abramov presented a quality improvement project.

All employees are invited to our Innovation Celebration this Friday, November 17, noon to 1 pm, Memorial Campus, across from the cafeteria. Our monthly celebration recognizes Medical Center initiatives, caregiver ideas and process improvement projects. Gretchen Gill, transformational analyst, joins the event to answer Epic-related questions. Innovators of the Year “Sweet 16” finalist teams will be featured, along with Lean Green Belts and wellness program initiatives. Meet pet therapy dog Jaden and learn about the benefits of the pet therapy program. Learn more about our Innovation Celebrations.

Health Watch: Gluten 101 with Weight Center’s Anna Polucha

As a registered dietician at our Weight Center, Anna Polucha helps patients make informed decisions when it comes to a healthy diet. In this Heath Watch, Anna shares some information about gluten, who should avoid it and why.

Register Today for Course on Nonviolent Crisis Intervention

Join a two-day course offered on the Memorial Campus November 28 and 29 or December 6 and 13 that emphasizes early intervention and nonphysical methods for preventing or managing disruptive behavior. Disengagement skills are demonstrated and practiced to prepare staff to safely remove themselves and others from a dangerous situation. Participants learn to respond to behaviors that could lead to a crisis, use verbal and nonverbal techniques to defuse hostile behavior and resolve a crisis before it can become violent, and better cope with one’s own fear and anxiety. For more information, download the flyer. Visit E-Learning 4U to register (use keyword “crisis” to search). Questions? Email Christine Staub or call 508-793-5637.

It’s the Last Week of Open Enrollment; On-site Support Available

If you need some extra help to complete your online enrollment, the benefits team is here for you. Stop by to speak with a member of the team to ask questions or get access to a computer to complete your enrollment.

  • Hahnemann Campus: Tuesday, November 14, 6 am to 1 pm, Room G-148
  • University Campus: Wednesday, November 15, 11 am to 8 pm, Room S7-106
  • Memorial Campus: Thursday, November 16, 11 am to 2 pm, Memorial One; 2 to 8 pm, Cafeteria

In addition, the Benefits Contact Center is available Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Email or call 508-334-8511. To make your plan selections, log onto MyBenefits. For more information, visit MyHR.

Get Your Flu Shot Today on the University Campus

It starts with you! Help us reach our 100 percent vaccination goal by attending today’s flu fair in the hallway near the pharmacy, University Campus, 2 to 8 pm. And, bring your Kronos badge to expedite the process. Visit the flu season page for a list of upcoming fairs. But no matter where you receive your flu vaccination, we need to document and report flu immunization rates each year to the Massachusetts Department of Health. If you receive your immunization outside work, make sure you get documented proof of immunity from your provider. Visit the flu season webpage for more information.

Nurses, Looking for Career Advancement? Join a PACE Session!

Are you a nurse who needs help with your portfolio or presentations? The Professional Advancement for Clinical Excellence (PACE) program (is having open sessions in the Memorial Campus library to learn more about career advancement opportunities. Board members will be available to help put together portfolios, review content and help you plan presentations. The open sessions are offered Thursday, December 7 and Thursday, January 4, 9:30 am to noon. For more information, contact a review board member: Ginnean Babbitt, Kimberly Williams, Lisa Cargill, Maureen McNamara, Patrice O’Connell and Margaret Westgate. See PACE newsletter to learn more.

Simply Well Blog: Proper Nutrition Aids in Cancer Recovery

Nutrition plays a vital role in our health every day, but what if you have cancer? The food you eat is an important part of your cancer care and can help lessen treatment side effects. Read the Simply Well blog post and learn the difference between a nutritionist and registered dietitian, as well as how a registered dietitian can tailor a food plan to help with cancer treatments. Simply Well is a community wellness blog produced by the Marketing and Communications Department. Follow the blog today.

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