Cancer Walk & Run to Celebrate Milestone Anniversary

The UMass Cancer Walk and Run will celebrate its 20th anniversary this fall when patients, family members, caregivers, business owners and others come together September 30 to support adult and pediatric cancer research at the Medical School and Medical Center. “When I first got to UMass, I heard a lot about the cancer walk and how important it is for the community and for supporting clinical trials going on here, so I’m very excited to participate,” said Jason Shohet, MD, PhD, chief of pediatric hematology and oncology at our Children’s Medical Center. The walk has raised more than $12 million to date, and this year’s goal is $750,000. Watch the video for a snapshot of the event. Learn more and register to participate. Read the UMass Med Now story.


Medical Center Physicians Weigh in on Trampoline Dangers

Orthopedic technician Thoma Pano removes Emma’s cast (photo courtesy of the Telegram & Gazette).

A recent Telegram & Gazette story featured Emma Rheault, 10, of Millbury, who broke her arm playing on a trampoline. Evaluated and treated at our Medical Center, she is now on the mend, but her story highlighting the dangers of trampolines and bouncy houses is far too common. Theodore Macnow, MD, emergency medicine physician, said, “The most serious trampoline injuries happen when a youngster is attempting a flip or a somersault.” Dr. Macnow estimates that our emergency department treats between 150 to 200 patients a year with injuries sustained on home or commercial trampolines. Errol Mortimer, MD, pediatric orthopedic surgeon, said, “In general, children’s bones are softer and smaller than adult bones. That’s essentially why they are more amenable to injury.” Read story.

Health Watch: Can Breast Implants Hide Breast Cancer?

Women who are having mammograms should be sure to tell the technician if they have breast implants before the test begins. In a recent Health Watch segment, Gopal Vijayaraghavan, MD, director, Division of Breast Imaging, discussed types of breast implants and the challenges they pose during breast cancer screening with mammography. “Implants do not increase the risk of breast cancer, but what really happens is, since implants can obscure the breast tissue, there may be a delay in the diagnosis,” he said.

Your Health Matters: A Plank a Day Goes a Long Way

The warmer weather rolling in is a great reminder that June is Great Outdoors Month. If you’re looking to have fun and commit to physical fitness indoors or out, try planking! Planking exercises your core abdominal muscles, which can minimize lower-back pain and improve your posture. 

Make sure you’re planking correctly and explore different planking positions to find the right one for you. Got the hang of it? Tweet your planks on Twitter using the hashtag plankaday. Benefits-eligible employees: Plank with a team to track 1,000 minutes of planking and earn 100 points in the “Crank Those Planks!” challenge on the myHealth Matters website.

Now Is the Time to Sign for a Teddy Bear Clinic Booth or Volunteer!

Has your department hosted a booth at our Teddy Bear Clinic in the past or are you interested in getting involved this year? Let us know! We need your help. The Teddy Bear Clinic health and safety fair will take place Saturday, September 29, 10 am to 3 pm in the Albert Sherman Center. The fair aims to teach children about the hospital journey in a fun, non-threatening environment. To reserve a space for your department, fill out the booth registration form and email it to Kayla Gagne by July 10. Thinking about volunteering? Register to volunteer online or email Monick Powell for more information.

New Pediatric Patients Welcome at Tri-River Family Health Center

The Tri-River Family Health Center Pediatrics team

With convenient extended hours for those times when the unexpected illness or injury strikes, Tri-River Family Health Center, Uxbridge, is a great option for parents choosing a primary care provider for their children. In addition to comprehensive primary care, the physicians and staff provide laboratory services, X-rays, diabetes education and much more. Make an appointment with one of the pediatric physicians at Tri-River Family Health Center, or call 855-UMASS-MD. Visit the website to learn more.