Medical Center Physicians Weigh in on Trampoline Dangers

Orthopedic technician Thoma Pano removes Emma’s cast (photo courtesy of the Telegram & Gazette).

A recent Telegram & Gazette story featured Emma Rheault, 10, of Millbury, who broke her arm playing on a trampoline. Evaluated and treated at our Medical Center, she is now on the mend, but her story highlighting the dangers of trampolines and bouncy houses is far too common. Theodore Macnow, MD, emergency medicine physician, said, “The most serious trampoline injuries happen when a youngster is attempting a flip or a somersault.” Dr. Macnow estimates that our emergency department treats between 150 to 200 patients a year with injuries sustained on home or commercial trampolines. Errol Mortimer, MD, pediatric orthopedic surgeon, said, “In general, children’s bones are softer and smaller than adult bones. That’s essentially why they are more amenable to injury.” Read story.

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