Teens Share Stories of Substance Use at Town Hall Program

Students from Rockdale Recovery High School shared their stories at the adolescent substance use town hall program. (Photo courtesy of MassLive)

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Registry of Vital Records and Statistics, opioids accounted for more than a quarter of all fatalities in the state among people in the 18 to 24 age group from 2013 to 2014. To help shine a light on this worrisome epidemic, Margret Chang, MD, and Sadfar Medina, MD, pediatricians at Tri-River Family Health Center, recently coordinated a free town hall program that focused on the impacts of opiates and substance use on adolescents. During the eye-opening event, six teens from Rockdale Recovery High School shared their stories of addiction and road to recovery. “If I were to be completely honest, I feel like this school saved me,” said one student. Read the MassLive story.

Health Watch: Dr. McLean Discusses the Dangers of Melanoma

Melanoma is a dangerous skin cancer related to sun exposure over many years. It is more common in light-skinned individuals, and the the average age of diagnosis is in the 60s. However, melanoma can appear at any time and affect people of all ages, from teens to seniors. In this Health Watch segment, Riley McLean, MD, dermatologist, explains that the seriousness of melanoma and the ability to treat it effectively depends on how deep the cancer has spread underneath the skin. “How deep it goes in the skin is the biggest prognostic factor in melanoma,” Dr. McLean said.

Dr. Adler Creates Patient-Centered Cancer Screening Guide

Dr. Adler

Throughout his more than 25 years practicing family medicine, Ronald Adler, MD, UMass Memorial Hahnemann Family Health Center, came to realize that patients are often overwhelmed by conflicting information about the value of cancer screening tests and deciding when, or if, they should have them. To help providers facilitate discussions about cancer screening and help patients weigh the personal advantages and disadvantages of screening, Dr. Adler has published “Cancer Screening Decisions: A Patient-Centered Approach.” This book offers clear, colorful graphics to help guide patients through the decision-making process for breast, colorectal, lung and prostate cancer screenings. Contact Dr. Adler to learn more.

Your Goals Are Within Reach with myHealth Matters

The year is more than half over, but there’s still plenty of time to stay true to your fitness game plan! What goals did you set for yourself at the beginning of the year? Lose weight? Get to the gym more? Walk more instead of driving? If you’ve yet to make good on one or all of your fitness goals, visit the myHealth Matters website to find fun activities to give yourself that extra push. New challenges like “Community Fitness Events” and “Two Days of Strength” will have you joining your fellow caregivers as they walk, run and do strength-training exercises.

Submit Your Photography, Poetry and Prose to Online Literary Journal

The editors of Streams of Consciousness, the online literary journal of our Medical School, are currently accepting submissions from students, residents, faculty, staff and patients for the next edition. Streams of Consciousness – a collaborative project that aims to allow members of our medical community to channel their experiences through works of poetry, prose and photography – is published annually through the Lamar Soutter Library website. The deadline for submissions is midnight September 10. Read the submission guidelines and instructions. 

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