Five-year-old Requests NICU Donations for Her Birthday

When Charlie Audet was born, she spent some time in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) because she wasn’t getting enough oxygen. Fast forward five years, and Charlie decided to give back to the place that helped her get a good start in life. She asked her family and friends to help her raise money for the NICU in lieu of gifts for her fifth birthday. Charlie recently visited the unit and delivered her donation of $460 to Lawrence Rhein, MD, MPH, chief of neonatology and NICU director. “She’s a pretty special girl,” said Charlie’s mom, Jen. “She always hears us talking about the NICU because it was a pretty big deal to us.” In addition to being covered on Worcester News Tonight (watch video below), Charlie’s story appeared in the Telegram & Gazette and on channels 5 and 7.

What Was That Idea Again? Share Ideas and Win Pizza!

Did you know that almost 10,000 caregiver ideas have been implemented over the past fiscal year? At UMass Memorial Health Care, we count implemented ideas as a way of ensuring that we are engaging everyone, every day in problem solving and innovation. But we are convinced that ideas have been implemented that haven’t been counted toward our goal, and we want you to think back and recall “what was that idea again”and count them! Each week, one   #whatwasthatideaagain submission will be randomly selected to win a Papa Gino’s gift card for the submitter’s team. There are two ways to enter:

  • Let us know if your team has met or exceeded your implemented ideas goal!
  • Tag or direct message @umassmemorialhealthcare on Facebook or Instagram. Include hashtag #whatwasthatideaagain and tell us about or share a photo of an idea that the team implemented in the past, but forgot to count until now.

CuddleCot Donation Gives Grieving Families the Gift of Time

Jillian Santom with the CuddleCot donated to our Medical Center by the Loud family. (Photo courtesy of the Telegram & Gazette)

When an infant dies at birth or shortly after, families often don’t have much time to bond with their baby and say goodbye because the newborn’s appearance begins to change within hours. The CuddleCot – a bassinet that cools and preserves an infant’s body – gives parents the gift of time and allows them to spend hours to days with their child. About supporting parents who have a stillbirth or a baby who dies shortly after birth, Jillian Santom, clinical social worker and care coordinator, said, “We really encourage parents to spend time with their babies, to name their babies. We never force parents into anything they’re uncomfortable with, but it does help with the connection.” After experiencing the stillborn birth of their own son, Landon, the Loud family of Sandwich began fundraising to help other grieving parents by purchasing CuddleCots and donating them to hospitals. Our Medical Center is one of two hospitals to receive their generous gift. The family will be recognized at a reception later this month. See Telegram & Gazette article.

Video Learning: Why Employees Like Jobs; Recognition Programs

The organization and people development team has developed a seven-part video learning series to help build a better understanding about our organization and its culture – whether you’re new to UMass Memorial Health Care or are a seasoned employee. Watch the two short videos below to hear from fellow caregivers about why they like working here and to learn about our recognition programs. Stay tuned for more of the series in upcoming issues. Questions or comments ? Email your feedback to Kevin Lydon.


Simply Well: What You Need to Know about Your Microbiome?

Who are we, exactly? For a long time, this age-old question has been holding a special place in the realms of philosophy and religion. Science has also come up with an answer, though it may not be what you’re expecting. In the latest Simply Well blog post, Barbara Olendzki, RD, MPH, director of the Center for Applied Nutrition, and Cordelia Shee Toh, nutrition intern, talk about the human microbiome – the microorganisms that live in and on us that have profound influences on immune development, health and disease – and how to protect it. Simply Well, a community wellness blog, is produced by the Marketing and Communications Department.



Register for Medical Terminology Course; Improve Your Skill Set

Medical Terminology is a non-credit course designed to prepare you to pronounce, recall and apply medical terminology in the workplace and to improve your overall medical communication skills. The next session begins September 20, 4:30 to 7:30 pm, and runs for 10 consecutive Thursdays at the Medical Center on the University Campus. Space is limited. Self-register through E Learning 4U or via email. Questions? Call 508-334-4462.