Area’s First Pediatric Eye Unit Now Open at Our Medical Center

Dr. Johnston (photo courtesy of the Worcester Business Journal)

Parents used to have to drive all the way to Boston for their child’s eye surgery, but not anymore! Our Medical Center recently opened the first pediatric eye surgery unit in Worcester on our Hahnemann Campus. Suzanne Johnston, MD, pediatric ophthalmologist at Boston Children’s Hospital, joined the eye team last month and performs surgeries at the Eye Center twice a month. “Convenient, closer to home access to expert eye care will make a huge difference in the lives of families and their children in this area,” said Shlomit Schaal, MD, chair of ophthalmology. Read the Worcester Business Journal story.

Health Watch: Tricks for Eating Healthy at Cookouts

Cookouts are part of the summer experience, but can tempt even the most health conscious eaters to overindulge. Asked about the trick to eating healthier at a cookout, Maisie Ostrye, RD, clinical dietitian, said, “It’s not that you have to restrict yourself completely, but just go a little lighter on some of the calorie-dense items like cake and chips.” Ostrye recommends bringing a healthy option, such as salad, fruit salad or a vegetable tray, to share with other guests so you can fill up on healthier options and still enjoy small portions of the not-so-healthy foods you like. Hear what else Maisie recommended in the segment below.

What Do My Blood Pressure Numbers Mean? Dr. Kovell Explains

Dr. Kovell

In a recent Women’s Health article, “What Do Those Blood Pressure Numbers at the Doc’s Office Even Mean,” Lara Kovell, MD, cardiologist, explains, “Blood pressure is a measure of the force of blood pushing against the blood vessels, or arteries, of the body. If you were able to hold on to one of your arteries, the blood pressure is the force you would feel on your hand.” The article focuses blood pressure basics including what the numbers mean, what’s considered normal, why high blood pressure is bad, symptoms of low blood pressure and how often to have your blood pressure checked. Read the article.

Join Forum on Workplace Violence Prevention Friday

Join experts from our Medical Center and Medical School for a panel discussion on workplace violence prevention Friday, August 17. The event will be moderated by Jonna Dube, RN, BSN, senior director, Ambulatory Services, and is 9 to 10 am in the Hiatt Auditorium (S1.608) on the University Campus. The panel will include representatives from employee health, wellness programs, security, Campus Police, and critical care and emergency services. For more information, view the flyer or contact Joanne Doherty at 774-443-0561.

Simply Well: Get the Skinny on Sugar and Sweeteners

Early in the morning, it’s easy to add one too many spoons of sugar into your coffee. But what is sugar doing to your body? Is there a better way to sweeten your morning coffee while still satisfying your sweet tooth? It’s time to talk about the different types of sugars and sweeteners and how they affect your body in the Simply Well blog. Simply Well is a community wellness blog produced by the Marketing and Communications Department. Follow the blog today and get a free summer download of 50 things to do under $10.

Stay Updated on Medical Center and System Policies

Visit the OurNet policy page to view all Medical Center policies, as well as the latest policy newsletter, FAQs, and policy and procedure templates. System policies can also be found on this page. Email the policy administrator with necessary policy changes. The following policies have recently been updated and posted:

  • System Policy: Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE), Verbal and Telephone Orders
  • System Policy: Destruction of Obsolete Protected Health Information Materials (Approval of this policy retired the Medical Center policy 1038 with the same name.)
  • System Policy: Document Imaging (Approval of this policy retired the Medical policy 1422, Medical Record Scanning and Destruction.)
  • Policy 3001: Managing the UMass Memorial External Website
  • Policy 4021: Leave for Jury Service and to Appear in Legal Proceedings
  • Policy 4049: Sexual Harassment
  • Policy 6603: Ergonomics Management Program

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