‘Miracle’ Micro-preemie Born in Our NICU Defies All Odds

Miracle baby Daniel Gagnon (Photo courtesy of the Telegram & Gazette).

When Ashley Gagnon began experiencing blurry vision, loss of smell and fainting spells at 20 weeks pregnant, she became very concerned. She enlisted the help of Heidi Leftwich, DO, ob/gyn, maternal and fetal medicine, at our Medical Center who quickly discovered that Ashley’s baby had stopped growing at 19 weeks gestation and diagnosed Ashely with pre-eclampsia, which can be fatal to both mom and baby. When the baby went into distress at 27 weeks, Dr. Leftwich, along with our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) team successfully delivered a 14-ounce, 10.8-inch “miracle” baby boy, Daniel, the second smallest micro-preemie born in our NICU. Read about Daniel’s story of survival in today’s Telegram & Gazette.

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