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Our Care

News & Views spotlights the people and programs working to make UMass Memorial Medical Center the best place to give and get care. We are dedicated to providing:

  • Compassion and respect in the care of each patient
  • Understanding of individual patient needs
  •  Safe, high-quality care with the patient at the center
  • Teamwork to ensure the patient experience is the best it can be

Whether providing direct patient care in a clinic or at the bedside; making sure our facilities are clean, warm and welcoming; or working behind the scenes to ensure our Medical Center functions smoothly, everyone, every day is a caregiver. According to a Merriam Webster definition, a caregiver is “a person who gives help and protection to someone who is sick.” That’s you. That’s us!

Our People

Simply stated, our people are great. Each week, read about their amazing work, at the Medical Center and in the community. In addition to our people’s achievements, awards and acknowledgements, you’ll discover:

  • New people, policies and procedures
  • What’s trending in the workplace
  • Opportunities to enhance performance through professional development

Our Patients

Our patients are what it’s all about, why we’re here, and the reason we do what we do. They drive our innovation and stir our compassion. Our patients are at the pinnacle – at “True North” – and we strive, every day, to provide an exceptional experience for them and their families and friends.

News & Views describes the advanced treatments and services, and care and experience innovations we bring to our patients. Through that information, we learn even more about who we are caring for at our academic medical center: individuals and families who look to us to make and keep them well, and who in turn, inspire us with their determination and character.

Our Discoveries

Our Medical Center is rich in intellectual capital and we’re determined to put our employees’ brainpower to good use. News & Views showcases the stories of our problem solvers and innovators, who are improving the way we do things to ensure a great experience for our employees and patients and to strengthen our Medical Center for the future. We’re on track to becoming the best place to give care and the best place to get care. And we won’t give up until we get there.

Our Future

In essence, “True North” represents facing the future with enthusiasm and optimism for what’s in store. In the future, health care will look and feel quite different than it does now – but we won’t stand by and let change happen to us. Together, we’ll make it happen for us. While change is challenging and sometimes painful, we must change to realize our new vision. We will seize the opportunity to create the ideal health care system for the future.

News & Views is your information source about our progress. Check in to learn how the following initiatives are moving forward:

  • Access to our services and patient flow, including observation initiatives
  • Revenue capture through improved billing and coding
  • Supply chain efficiency
  •  Keeping patients home and healthy
  •  Master facility planning to maximize our use of space
  • Growth of primary care and specialty programs in our community
  • Quality initiatives
  • Employee wellness and a world-class idea system

Our Updates

Need to know if traffic pattern changes or new construction on and around our campuses will affect how you access your building or department? News & Views let’s you know when to expect these and other occurrences, such as special community meetings and upcoming flu clinics.


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