Jackpot! Caregivers Win Big with Weight Loss

Congratulations to the hard-working winners of the fall 2018 HealthyWage Jackpot Challenge! For this challenge, 28 UMass Memorial Health Care caregivers teamed up to see who could lose the most weight in a 12-week period. The winning team was The Bod Squad, whose team members lost an average of 6.26 percent body weight. Team members split the jackpot and won $252 each! Not only did they win big, all benefits-eligible HealthyWage challenge participants earned points in the myHealth Matters portal under the Manage Your Weight challenge. Want to get in on the action? Watch for new HealthyWage challenges in 2019.

Our Caregivers and Families Cycle Into Fall at Annual Ride

Biking to the top of Wachusett Mountain were, from left, John Glassburn; Christian Klaucke, MD; John Randolph; Philip Smith; Alexandra Sanseverino, MD; Lawrence Hayward, MD, PhD; David Blehar, MD; and Eric Dickson, MD.

For the fourth year running, 35 caregivers and family members came together last Saturday for the UMass Memorial Health Care Caregiver and Family Bike Ride. Cyclists welcomed the cooler weather for the late-summer ride, and departed from UMass Memorial HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital – Clinton Campus to participate in 5-, 9-, 19- and 31-mile scenic routes through Sterling and Princeton. One group (pictured here) joined President and CEO Eric Dickson, MD, and summited Wachusett Mountain! Special thanks to the volunteers who helped ensure that the event ran smoothly. Want to learn about upcoming group rides? Join the UMass Memorial Health Care Cyclists Group on Facebook. Benefits-eligible employees: Participate in the upcoming UMass Cancer Walk and Run September 30 and log your participation under the “Community Fitness Event” challenge on myHealth Matters website for an easy 100 points.

Sign Up for ‘Add to Lose’ and Earn myHealth Matters Points

Does your midday meal need a makeover? Visit the Medical School’s Center for Applied Nutrition website to find new recipes every day, like black bean burritos and open-faced veggie sandwiches. You’ll also find the Add to Lose app, which helps you keep track of your food servings so you can build better eating habits. Benefits-eligible employees: Visit the myHealth Matters website to log healthy lunches under the Bring Your Lunch to Work challenge for 10 points a week, and use the Add to Lose app daily for two months to complete the Manage Your Weight challenge to earn 1,000 points! For more information on how to submit verification, email myHealthMatters@umassmemorial.org.

Your Health Matters: A Plank a Day Goes a Long Way

The warmer weather rolling in is a great reminder that June is Great Outdoors Month. If you’re looking to have fun and commit to physical fitness indoors or out, try planking! Planking exercises your core abdominal muscles, which can minimize lower-back pain and improve your posture. 

Make sure you’re planking correctly and explore different planking positions to find the right one for you. Got the hang of it? Tweet your planks on Twitter using the hashtag plankaday. Benefits-eligible employees: Plank with a team to track 1,000 minutes of planking and earn 100 points in the “Crank Those Planks!” challenge on the myHealth Matters website.

Your Health Matters: Keep Your Summer Allergy Free

Do you suffer from bothersome seasonal allergies? You’re not alone. Many of your fellow caregivers deal with allergies too, and the summer months can be especially bad. If you’ve had symptoms for at least two weeks, talk to your primary care provider or an allergist to determine what’s causing them. Allergy testing or a personalized treatment plan may be your ticket to saying good-bye to your allergies. Benefits-eligible employees: See your doctor about allergies to earn 25 points on the myHealth Matters website under the “Address Your Allergies in the Summer” challenge.

Ride into Wellness with the Our Spring Caregiver Bike Ride

Bike Ride 2017

Cyclists line up at a previous UMass Memorial Health Care Caregiver and Family Member Bike Ride.

Join your fellow caregivers and President and CEO Eric Dickson, MD, Saturday, May 19 in the UMass Memorial Health Care Caregiver and Family Member Bike Ride. The riders will depart from HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital – Clinton Campus to embark on a 5-, 9-, 19-, or 31-mile ride through some of the most scenic bike trails in Massachusetts. Register online by Friday, May 18 to receive a UMass Memorial cycling jersey or shorts. Registration is also open at the event. Benefits-eligible employees: To earn wellness points, sign yourself in at the event, then visit the myHealth Matters website and log points under the “Caregiver Bike Ride” challenge.

Reminder: If you join the Central MA Heart Walk this Saturday, May 12, remember to stop by the UMass Memorial tent to claim your 250 myHealth Matters points!

The Weight Is Over for UMass Memorial Health Care Caregivers

Your colleagues in the Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) and the 2 Lakeside Intensive Care Unit (LICU) are winning by losing – weight, that is! They recently completed the Biggest Loser weight loss challenge organized by Employee Health Services. Four hundred and eight pounds later, the CDU and LICU team members can now log 1,000 points under the Manage Your Weight challenge on the myHealth Matters website. Benefits-eligible employees can get in on the action. Complete a weight loss challenge to log 1,000 points and earn your $300 wellness reimbursement account deposit. Lots of programs qualify, including Weight Watchers, HealthyWage, Core4, Eat Right Now.

Give the Flu the Boot and Earn myHealth Matters Points

Getting a flu shot isn’t only about protecting yourself. When you get immunized against the flu, you’re making sure you can’t pass it on to your family or colleagues and patients in the workplace. This year’s flu season has been particularly bad; make sure you aren’t contributing to the problem. If you are a benefits-eligible employee, here’s another reason to get your flu shot. You can earn 250 points on the myHealth Matters website when you complete the “Arm Yourself Against the Flu” challenge by March 31. Just submit your proof of immunization to your Employee Health Clinic and your points will be automatically awarded within four to six weeks.

Sign up for Core4 Program, Lose Weight, Earn Wellness Points

Core4 SodexoSearching for a weight management program that’s perfect for you? Look no further. The Core4 Weight Management Program by Sodexo uses nutrition education, physical activity and behavioral therapy to help you lose unwanted pounds. The program connects you with registered dietitians to help you design a wellness plan that fits your personal goals. Benefits-eligible employees: This 12-week program may qualify for health plan reimbursement by your health insurance (check with your provider) and is worth 1,000 points when you complete the “Manage Your Weight” challenge on the myHealth Matters website. Learn more about Core4; register for the session starting Thursday, March 22.

Your Health Matters: Fight the Blues with a Mental Health Screening

It’s tough to stay positive in winter, especially with reduced sunlight hours and freezing temperatures. Take a brief mental health screening to assess your personal mental health so you can gain peace of mind this season. The screening is anonymous and confidential, and only takes a few minutes. You’ll immediately see your results and receive care recommendations based on your answers. You can access the screening on your work or home computer, or on your mobile device. Benefits-eligible employees: Complete this activity and log 50 points on the myHealth Matters website under the “Mental Health Screening: Are You Mentally Well?” challenge.