Dr. Grier Takes to Facebook to Discuss Toy Safety

Dr. Grier

Hundreds of viewers have tuned in to watch Eye Center Optometrist Justine Grier, OD, share her expert advice on toy safety, including what the best and worst products are in terms of eye safety. It may not come as a surprise that toys that shoot projectiles or have hard, sharp edges were cited as being dangerous to a child’s eye health. But while Dr. Grier cautions against the dangers these toys can present, she says they can be safe to play with when used properly and when precautions such as wearing goggles are taken. Watch the full Facebook live.

Dr. Johanna Seddon to Present on Macular Degeneration

Dr. Johanna Seddon

Join us in welcoming world-renowned ophthalmologist and retina specialist, Johanna Seddon, MD, ScM, to UMass Memorial Medical Center and UMass Medical School, at a luncheon and presentation of her work Tuesday, January 29 from noon to 1 pm. Recently named the director of both retina and the Macular Degeneration Center of Excellence at the UMass Memorial Eye Center, and professor of ophthalmology at the Medical School, Dr. Seddon will present Mechanisms and Etiology of Macular Degeneration: Nature, Nurture and Targets for Therapies. This program will be held in the Albert Sherman Center Cube, Room AS3-2119 on the University Campus. Attendees must RSVP by January 22 by emailing Sharon Furbish.

Watch Part 2 of Sweet 16 Video Series

Last week, we kicked off a four-part video series showcasing the work of the 2018 Innovators of the Year finalist teams – our “Sweet 16.” Watch the second video now to learn about four more finalists – Patient Experience/Visitor Assistance Services, the Eye Center, the University Campus Emergency Department, and University and Hahnemann campuses’ Patient Financial Counseling.

Dr. Grier Educates Westborough Seniors on Eye Conditions

Dr. Grier

Justine Grier, OD, optometrist at our Eye Center, recently sat down with the host of Westborough TV’s Seniors on the Move program to discuss eye conditions. The conversation included an explanation of the different roles of opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists, as well as easy-to-understand descriptions of various eye conditions that commonly affect seniors such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, eyelid conditions, contact lenses and more. Watch the video.

Dr. Faustina Discusses Ptosis Diagnosis

Dr. FaustinaMisha Faustina, MD, FACS, oculoplastic surgeon at our Eye Center, was featured on the American Academy of Ophthalmology One Network to share a systematic approach to diagnosing ptosis – drooping of the upper eyelid caused by disease, paralysis or a congenital condition. For effective diagnosis, Dr. Faustina proposes a comprehensive approach to reading the ptosis photo by first looking at the patients age, followed by the symmetry then severity of the ptosis, pupil symmetry, eye alignment, what the eyelid crease is doing, and if the brow is involved. To learn more, watch her One Network video.

Are Prescription Medications Harming Your Eyes?

Having trouble reading? It may not be your eyes. Rather, your cold medicine could be the culprit! In this Health Watch segment, Dan Yoon, MD, ophthalmologist at our Eye Center, shares the dangers that prescription, and even some over-the-counter medications, can pose to your eyes. “All prescription medicines carry some risk of adverse effects. And there are some drugs that have been very well studied and have been very well documented to cause ocular side effects,” he says. Watch the video to learn more.

Love Those Lashes; Are They Safe? Dr. Faustina Explains

Long, luxurious lashes? Yes, please! Many women are running to their estheticians in the quest to elongate their lashes. But is this quickly growing trend safe? Misha Faustina, MD, director of oculoplastic services at our Eye Center, went live on Facebook to share her expertise on altering your eyelashes, including what dangers they pose – from glue allergies to eyelid balding – and suggestions for safe application and wear.


Same-day Eye Exams Offered at Our Ambulatory Care Center

Dr. Ding

Dr. Grier

Same-day and walk-in appointments now are available at our Eye Center optometry clinic, located at the University Campus Ambulatory Care Center on the 5th Floor North. Optometrists Juan Ding, OD, PhD, and Justine Grier, OD, provide eye services five days a week at the clinic, which soon will expand to include two fully equipped exam rooms. The clinic also has increased its services to include routine adult and pediatric eye exams, glasses and contact lens prescriptions, diabetic eye exams, cataract screenings and glaucoma screenings. For more information or to book an appointment, call 855-UMASS-MD. For same-day appointments, call 774-450-5559.

Health Watch: Could You Have Glaucoma Without Realizing It?

“Glaucoma is a very common disease that affects over three million Americans, but unfortunately only half of them know that they have it,” said Gabriel Luna, MD, ophthalmologist at our Eye Center. Glaucoma is a condition that affects the optic nerve when there is an increase of pressure in the eye. Dr. Luna notes that the most common type of glaucoma does not usually come with symptoms, so it is vital to have your eyes checked on a routine schedule. Watch the Health Watch segment to learn more about glaucoma, who is at risk, the symptoms and treatment options.

Area’s First Pediatric Eye Unit Now Open at Our Medical Center

Dr. Johnston (photo courtesy of the Worcester Business Journal)

Parents used to have to drive all the way to Boston for their child’s eye surgery, but not anymore! Our Medical Center recently opened the first pediatric eye surgery unit in Worcester on our Hahnemann Campus. Suzanne Johnston, MD, pediatric ophthalmologist at Boston Children’s Hospital, joined the eye team last month and performs surgeries at the Eye Center twice a month. “Convenient, closer to home access to expert eye care will make a huge difference in the lives of families and their children in this area,” said Shlomit Schaal, MD, chair of ophthalmology. Read the Worcester Business Journal story.