Epic Partners to Conduct Post Go-Live Surveys and Visits

As a means of measuring our success and adoption of Epic, our partners at Epic will conduct a series of post go-live surveys and visits. Post go-live surveys and visits are part of Epic’s standard implementation model. They are designed to prioritize outstanding issues, spot trends, identify struggling departments or user groups, and measure improvement. These surveys and visits will play a key role in the adoption/optimization program and projects slated for 2018. The first post go-live survey will be emailed to all Epic users later this month. The first post go-live visit is scheduled the week of January 22. Visit the Post Go-Live Visits page on IS/Epic Central for more information.

Tim Tarnowski: Employee Engagement Key to Smooth Epic Go-Live

Chief Information Officer Tim Tarnowski

In a recent Healthcare IS News article, Tim Tarnowski, chief information officer, explained how employee engagement was key with “the smoothest” go-live that he has experienced. Approximately 1,200 frontline staff participated in the Epic launch process. He credited President and CEO Eric Dickson, MD, and his team for helping push the decision-making process throughout the organization and making rounds to hear first-hand how things were going. While the go-live may have been smooth for an implementation of this kind, it was not without its glitches. In fact, Tarnowski said there were thousands of them, and that they were expected. “To have a number of issues at go-live – that’s simply part of what happens with major transformations,” he said. Read story.

Epic Launch Going Well; Words of Praise from Our President!

This past weekend marked a major milestone for our health care system. After more than two years of work, time and effort, we officially launched Epic, our new electronic health record system! The Epic implementation is going as well as can be expected, with relatively minor issues. Yesterday, Medical Center President Patrick Muldoon shared in an employee memo: “This is a monumental change for our organization and it could not be achieved without you. I appreciate your positive attitude, approach and dedication to our Medical Center as we make this leap to Epic and one electronic health record.” Read memo. Also, read President and CEO Eric Dickson’s Everyday Innovators blog post.

Media Coverage; Share Epic Photos:

  • Our Epic launch has made headlines! Don’t miss our media coverage: Telegram & Gazette, Worcester Business Journal and Boston Business Journal.
  • View the Epic photo gallery to see photos of our employees across our system celebrating “Epic moments.” Remember, you can submit your photos too! In the photo collage, above, check out some of our Epic Moments over the past few days, from Tim Tarnowski flipping the switch, leadership staffing our operations command center, hospital lab staff completing the first sample, and a rescue kitten employees adopted and named Epic!

24/7 Support Continues as the Epic Transition Continues:

  • Epic Central Go-Live page. See yesterday’s Go-Live Insight for Leaders and Go-Live Insight for Providers (and updated daily on the go-live page).
  • Information Services (IS) Command Center on Front Street
  • Go-live support centers across our system
  • Hands-on support from support teams (wearing blue, yellow and green vests)
  • IS Support Center: Call 508-334-8800 or submit a ticket via the IS Self-Service Portal.
  • For operational issues, the Medical Center Command Centers will be open. Drop by for assistance or call: University Campus at 508-856-2815; Memorial Campus at 508-334-6688 and Hahnemann Campus at 508-334-5170.

Another Successful Conversion Completed before Epic Launch

This past weekend, more than 200 UMass Memorial Health Care employees once again answered the call and participated in the final conversion event before our October 1 Epic go-live event. As of 6 pm on Sunday, a total of 158,994 referrals and registrations were manually converted into Epic from our current systems in preparation for the September 18 registration go live. This is included 2,519 OpTime (surgery/endoscopy) cases. For more information about our Epic implementation, visit IS/Epic Central. Our Epic launch is just 11 days away!

Weekend Conversion Event Huge Success; Epic Scheduling Now Live!

Staff huddle at Front Street during last weekend’s scheduling conversion event.

Thanks to the volunteers from many departments who stepped up to help with the Epic conversion.

This past weekend, hundreds of UMass Memorial Health Care employees participated in a conversion event to enter appointments scheduled after October 1 into Epic. As of 6:30 pm on Sunday, 266,458 appointments from our current systems were converted to Epic, of which, 41,840 appointments were manually entered by staff over the weekend. The event was a huge success, and we look forward to another successful conversion event this weekend in preparation for the Epic registration go live on Monday, September 18. For more information about Epic, visit IS/Epic Central. Our go-live date of October 1 is only 18 days away!

Scheduling and Pre-admission Testing Go Live on Epic Soon!

Did you know that the scheduling and pre-admission testing areas will be the first to go live in Epic on September 11 and September 18, respectively? This means that all appointments and pre-admission testing after October 1 will need to be manually entered into Epic during a series of conversion events beginning September 9. For more information, visit the Data and Applications page on IS/Epic Central. You can also learn more in the August issue of Epic Talking Points.