Ideas to Share: Stay on Track at Idea Huddles and Meetings

Caregivers across the system are implementing great ideas every day! Sharing these ideas not only helps colleagues learn about the great work your team is doing, it also gives them the opportunity to try your ideas in their own departments, clinics and units. Here’s one from the patient status project team. If your team tends to go off topic and lose focus during idea huddle discussions or other meetings, assign a team member to be the “Scope Police” whose role is to keep the group focused. This simple step improved the patient status project team’s meetings. Try it in your area and see if it helps! To learn about more great ideas, be sure to stop by an Innovation Celebration. If you’d like to share an idea, email

Two Teams Win Prize for Idea Boards; Learn How Your Team Can Too!

The Arthritis and Joint Replacement Center team recently took advantage of the last few minutes of their idea huddle to view the idea huddle training video with CEO Eric Dickson, MD. The video gave them the idea to assign a timekeeper with a timer so their idea huddles stay on track. The 6ICU team also viewed the video and generated new ideas. For example, they implemented an idea to incorporate a Joint Commission quiz game to assess their readiness. Both teams are working to align their ideas to their team True North focus areas to make our Medical Center a better place to give and get care.

Top left photo: Jennifer Skane, right, leads the 6ICU Idea Board huddle, while team members (bottom to top) Anna Gonyea, Ellen Smith, Eda Bennett, Allison Jenkins, Jackie Bastien, Kerry Dwyer and Anna Rabski participate. Top right: A close-up shot of 6ICU’s Idea Board. Bottom photo: Members of the Arthritis and Joint Center Kelly Lebeau, Sarah Pierce, Jessica Cousineau and Joanne Gallagher review the video to make enhancements to their Idea Board.

Make improvements to your Idea Board and submit your ideas to News & Views for a chance to win a $25 Dunkin Donuts or Papa Gino’s gift card! All eligible entries will receive a prize while supplies last. Here’s what you need to do: First, watch the video and share it with your team! Next, submit the following to News & Views:

  • Team photo with idea board (candid, group selfies and posed photos welcome)
  • An idea your team will implement as a result of watching video
  • Provide a team member’s contact information
  • Your team’s choice of Dunkin Donuts or Papa Gino’s gift card

HIM Team Brings Health into Their Idea Board Huddles

him-idea-boardThe Health Information Management Department Filing and Retrieval teams are incorporating healthy practices into their Idea Board huddles. Now they have healthy snacks gathered at a standing height table which keeps the blood and ideas flowing. Employees are usually seated at desks so the healthy huddles give them a chance to stretch their legs and sharpen their minds so they can be more innovative! This healthy mindset is working as the teams have recently reached their goal of 33 ideas for 2016!

Coach Dickson’s Tips: Keep a Huddle Schedule!

Dr. Dickson

Dr. Dickson

News & Views features Idea System coaching tips from President and CEO Eric Dickson, MD: One of the most important parts of having a successful Idea System is to maintain a regular huddle schedule. The huddle should become a routine and should happen regardless of who is in attendance. The goal is to provide weekly updates on improvements in progress and discuss, as a team, any new problems that have been identified. If you’re having trouble finding a standard time, ask your team what would work best for everyone. Some teams have multiple huddles each week to allow as many people to attend as possible! Visit the Idea System website.

Learn about Idea Board that Moves Outdoors for Walking Huddle 

Members of the Interpreter Services Department at their outdoor walking huddle.

Members of the Interpreter Services Department at their walking Idea Board huddle.

With the warm weather now here, our Interpreter Services Department has updated its Idea Board to an outdoor walking huddle. This new format was submitted as an idea by a team member who read a Huffington Post article about the benefits of walking meetings. During the team’s initial walking huddle, additional ideas were generated to further enhance the new format including creating an inviting sign to welcome other employees (from other departments) to join the huddle, creating a more mobile-friendly Idea Board, using Skype or FaceTime to include other Interpreter Services staff stationed at other campuses and trying different walk routes to help keep ideas fresh. This year, the Interpreter Services implemented 33 ideas, which is 72 percent of its target!

Introducing Coach Dickson’s Idea System Tips: Leading the Huddle

Dr. Dickson

Dr. Dickson

News & Views introduces Idea System coaching tips from President and CEO Eric Dickson, MD. Have you noticed that your team’s Idea System relies on just one or two people to lead the huddle? Get more people involved by trying the Huddle Guide! Many Five-star Idea System teams use this step-by-step guide so all team members can take a turn leading the huddle. You can find a sample huddle guide on the Idea System website (Idea System Tools) or you can make your own! Have a question or need help with your Idea System? Submit a request and a Center for Innovation and Transformational Change coach or a Five-star Star Idea System team member will contact you!


Idea System Tip: How to Lead a Great Idea Huddle

LeanDoes your team’s idea system rely on one or two people to lead the weekly huddle? Get more people involved by attending Managing an Idea System training or trying the Huddle Agenda. Using a standard agenda allows anyone on the team to lead the discussion by following the simple, step-by-step guide. This way, your team can have the idea huddle no matter who is available! You can find the “Managing an Idea System” training schedule on E-Learning 4 U, and a sample huddle agenda on the idea system website.