Preparing for Epic: Technical Dress Rehearsal 2 Continues

With the Technical Dress Rehearsal 2 (TDR 2) continuing now through August 25, you may have noticed colored stickers affixed to your office equipment. Epic analysts are working to verify that software launches correctly and printing is properly set up to ensure workflows are not disrupted for the Epic implementation on October 1. Here’s what the color-coded stickers mean:

  • Green: Deployed and quality checked at the time of deployment.
  • Orange: TDR 1 is completed.
  • Blue: Epic workflows tested with failures. Additional testing session to be scheduled.
  • Yellow: Device tested with Epic workflows. TDR 2 is completed.

To find out when an Epic analyst will be coming to your department, view the TDR 2 schedule on the Go-Live Readiness page of IS/Epic Central.

Coach Dickson’s Tips: Task List for Implementing Ideas

Dr. Dickson

Dr. Dickson

News & Views features Idea System coaching tips from President and CEO Eric Dickson, MD: It can be incredibly helpful to track what is being done to implement new ideas. The Idea System Guide uses a task list to help track what each person’s responsibilities are for a given idea. This could be on the idea board or a laminated piece of paper next to it. A task list encourages the team to agree on a next step toward implementation, and reminds you what is due each week. You can print out a task list from the Idea System website (Idea System Tools > Task List for Idea Boards). Have a question or need help with your Idea System? Submit a request and a Center for Innovation and Transformational Change coach or a team member will contact you!