Epic Launch Going Well; Words of Praise from Our President!

This past weekend marked a major milestone for our health care system. After more than two years of work, time and effort, we officially launched Epic, our new electronic health record system! The Epic implementation is going as well as can be expected, with relatively minor issues. Yesterday, Medical Center President Patrick Muldoon shared in an employee memo: “This is a monumental change for our organization and it could not be achieved without you. I appreciate your positive attitude, approach and dedication to our Medical Center as we make this leap to Epic and one electronic health record.” Read memo. Also, read President and CEO Eric Dickson’s Everyday Innovators blog post.

Media Coverage; Share Epic Photos:

  • Our Epic launch has made headlines! Don’t miss our media coverage: Telegram & Gazette, Worcester Business Journal and Boston Business Journal.
  • View the Epic photo gallery to see photos of our employees across our system celebrating “Epic moments.” Remember, you can submit your photos too! In the photo collage, above, check out some of our Epic Moments over the past few days, from Tim Tarnowski flipping the switch, leadership staffing our operations command center, hospital lab staff completing the first sample, and a rescue kitten employees adopted and named Epic!

24/7 Support Continues as the Epic Transition Continues:

  • Epic Central Go-Live page. See yesterday’s Go-Live Insight for Leaders and Go-Live Insight for Providers (and updated daily on the go-live page).
  • Information Services (IS) Command Center on Front Street
  • Go-live support centers across our system
  • Hands-on support from support teams (wearing blue, yellow and green vests)
  • IS Support Center: Call 508-334-8800 or submit a ticket via the IS Self-Service Portal.
  • For operational issues, the Medical Center Command Centers will be open. Drop by for assistance or call: University Campus at 508-856-2815; Memorial Campus at 508-334-6688 and Hahnemann Campus at 508-334-5170.

Dr. McManus Discusses App That Monitors Afib from iPhone

Dr. David McManus

Med Device Online, a publication connecting people, organizations and ideas in the medical device industry, recently featured an article about the work underway to improve the way caregivers monitor atrial fibrillation (afib) using an iPhone. David McManus, MD, director of our Atrial Fibrillation Program, spoke about the challenges of detecting afib, and the iPhone app he and his team are working on to monitor afib. The app will better enable data sharing with a patient’s doctor and improve the quality of life for patients. Dr. McManus said, “If the disease is diagnosed in time, it can go from life threatening to an inconvenience – something you die with, not from.” Read the article.

Medical Center Is Among Top 100 Social Media Friendly Hospitals 

social media top 100Our Medical Center earned the distinguished honor of being named one of the Top 100 Social Media Friendly Hospitals in the country. Ranked 24th of 800 hospitals nationally by NurseJournal.org, our Medical Center earned an 80.9 out of a possible 100-point score. Because social media is so important to hospitals, NurseJournal.org gathered the latest social media stats for hospitals nationally, pulling Facebook and Twitter stats to determine which hospitals are doing the best job connecting with their patients through social media. NurseJournal.org assigned scores for each type of activity, with a total of 100 possible – 50 for Facebook and 50 for Twitter. Learn more. Congratulations to our Marketing and Communications Department team!