Committed to the Standards of Respect? Earn Points with myHealth Matters!

standards of respect artworkHow we are treated and treat each other are integral components of our mental health and the health of those with whom we interact. That’s why myHealth Matters is rolling out activities related to Standards of Respect in 2019. Start by learning about the standards, then join the fun introduction to them through a Standards of Respect (SoR) Workshop. Next, find your personal areas of strength and growth by taking the SoR Self-Assessment, then put what you’ve learned into practice throughout the year. Benefits-eligible employees can earn points toward the myHealth Matters incentives by participating in these activities. Log in to the portal and find out more today!

Jackpot! Caregivers Win Big with Weight Loss

Congratulations to the hard-working winners of the fall 2018 HealthyWage Jackpot Challenge! For this challenge, 28 UMass Memorial Health Care caregivers teamed up to see who could lose the most weight in a 12-week period. The winning team was The Bod Squad, whose team members lost an average of 6.26 percent body weight. Team members split the jackpot and won $252 each! Not only did they win big, all benefits-eligible HealthyWage challenge participants earned points in the myHealth Matters portal under the Manage Your Weight challenge. Want to get in on the action? Watch for new HealthyWage challenges in 2019.

The myHealth Matters Portal Is Back. Get Ready for 2019!

2018 was jam-packed full of myHealth Matters activities, from weight management programs to UMass Memorial Health Care fitness events and more. This year promises to bring even more activities catered to your personal health goals. Benefits-eligible employees: Here’s how to begin your 2019 wellness journey:

  • Visit the myHealth Matters portal and complete the well-being assessment to receive a personalized report that shows your strengths and areas in which you can improve.
  • Create your fitness game plan being sure to vary your goals from those that are challenging (like losing 20 pounds) to those that are more easily attainable (like eating less junk food or walking twice a week).
  • Schedule a yearly check-up with your health care provider to provide peace of mind and clue you in to the areas of health you should focus on.

Are You a myHealth Matters Gold Challenge Winner? Check Your Inbox!

Benefits-eligible employees: If you reached the myHealth Matters Gold Challenge goal of 3,000 points before December 10, you may have won a $100 Amazon gift card! Emails to the winners went out yesterday, so check your inbox (and spam folder, just in case). The subject line reads, “Congratulations! You’ve won a $100 Amazon gift card.” Within the next two weeks, the Limeade support team will send you a gift card redemption email that will contain an activation code to use on Thanks for making your health matter in 2018!

Don’t Wait! Log Your High-point Challenges Now

December 10 marks the last day benefits-eligible employees can log points on the myHealth Matters portal and qualify for a $300 wellness reimbursement and/or be entered into the Amazon gift card drawings. All your points count toward the 1,000-point bronze-level reward and the 3,000-point gold-level reward. Are you close to logging eight shopping trips and earning 500 points in the “NutriSavings Participation” challenge? Or have you just about completed the 1,000-point “Manage Your Weight” or “Stress Management Formal Training” challenges? Complete and submit your high-point challenges today!

myHealth Matters: A Year for the Books!

December 10 is the deadline for benefits-eligible employees to log points on the myHealth Matters portal to qualify for the bronze- and gold-level rewards. Don’t miss out! As this year’s myHealth Matters program wraps up, you may be wondering how committed you and your fellow caregivers were to well-being in 2018. The numbers speak for themselves! More than 6,800 caregivers registered this year – 200 more than last year – and nearly 3,500 caregivers were active in a challenge, which is a 400-person increase! We’re also pleased to report that 1,143 caregivers have reached the silver level, which is an awesome achievement! In addition, caregivers continue to attend UMass Memorial Health Care well-being events such as the Caregiver Ride (66 participants) and log shopping trips with NutriSavings (61,628 trips logged). Keep up the good work!

Make Your Groceries Work for You With NutriSavings

It’s easy to enter the grocery store with the best intentions – and leave with a bunch of unhealthy junk food! Try NutriSavings, a digital savings service that can help you save money and eat better! Your fellow caregivers logged 61,000 trips this year and are earning up to $50 cash back a month through NutriSavings and the grocery store’s existing rewards program. After you sign up, download the NutriSavings app to manage your shopping list on the go and add dietary preferences and allergies to your user profile. Benefits-eligible employees: Visit the myHealth Matters website to earn 500 points when you track at least eight shopping trips in the NutriSavings program.

New myHealth Matters Challenges Are Your Tickets to Gold

Want to reach the 3,000-point myHealth Matters gold level before December 10 and be entered into the $100 Amazon gift card drawing? Benefits-eligible employees: Complete new challenges on the myHealth Matters portal to rack up all the points you need. To earn 25 points, complete the “What Is a Healthy Portion Size?” challenge to count calories by watching food portions or the “Prepare for Your Financial Future” challenge to start saving for retirement. To earn 10 points per week, avoid added sugar in the “Give Sugar the Boot” challenge or keep a journal of what you’re thankful for in the “Draft a Gratitude List” challenge.

Let’s Keep UMass Memorial Health Care Tobacco Free

we are tobacco freeAt UMass Memorial Health Care, we’re committed to keeping our clinical and nonclinical facilities tobacco free. We believe our patients and employees are safer and healthier under our Tobacco-Free Environment policy that prohibits tobacco use on UMass Memorial Health Care premises due to the harms of second-hand and third-hand smoke. If you or a caregiver you know needs help managing tobacco-related cravings, contact Employee Health Services for information on the myHealth Matters tobacco craving management program.