Simply Well: When Is It Time to See a Fertility Specialist?

Most couples think that getting pregnant when they’re “ready” will be easy. The fact is, however, an estimated one in 10 couples will experience infertility. If you think you might be among that 10 percent, you may be asking, “How long should we keep trying to get pregnant on our own?” and “When is it time to see a fertility specialist?” In a recent Simply Well blog post, Shaila Chauhan, MD, chief, reproductive endocrinology/infertility, shares guidelines about when to see a fertility specialist, common reasons for not being able to conceive, and commonsense things couples can do to improve their chances of conceiving before they see a fertility specialist. This post is part of our Simply Women initiative that caters to the unique health care needs of women and their families.

Simply Well: Talking to Your Teen Daughter About Menstruation

Watching your daughter grow into a young adult is exciting, but talking to your pre-teen about the changes her body is about to experience isn’t always easy, leaving many parents and their children feeling a little embarrassed or uncomfortable. In a recent Simply Well blog post, Lourdes Uy, MD, obstetrician/gynecologist at UMass Memorial HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital, offers some tips for getting the conversation started and key topics to cover. Visit Simply Well to learn more and sign up to receive future blog posts in your email box.

Simply Well: How to Talk to Your Teen About Opioid Drugs

Many parents don’t believe their teenager would ever misuse opioids. But as someone who works with youth in recovery, Stephanie Manzi, LMHC, program director of Motivating Youth Recovery, shares that opioid misuse can and does happen — even in the “best” of families. Motivating Youth Recovery is a 24-bed acute detoxification and stabilization program located at Community Healthlink in Worcester for adolescents 13 to 17 years old. Learn how to talk to your teen about opioid misuse in Stephanie’s Simply Well blog post. Simply Well, a community wellness blog, is produced by the Marketing and Communications Department.


Simply Women: Power of Mindfulness in Your Everyday Life

How many balls do you have in the air today? As women, we’re often juggling kids, a job, a spouse, a home, aging parents and more. Multitasking on so many fronts can be enormously stressful, which, in turn, can contribute to a host of health problems. In a recent Simply Well blog post, Anita Perry, author, yogi and educator, who teaches yoga at the Clinton Campus of UMass Memorial HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital, explains the benefits of mindfulness: being present and in the moment, here and now. This blog post is part of our Simply Women initiative that caters to the unique health care needs of women and their families. Read the article.

Women’s Health Series: Meghan’s Maternal-fetal Medicine Story

After having a miscarriage, Meghan worried that she may never be able to experience motherhood. Diagnosed at birth with osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease), she was at risk for multiple complications during pregnancy that might have limited her ability to carry a baby to full term. Meghan became pregnant again and began seeing maternal-fetal medicine expert Ellen Delpapa, MD. Dr. Delpapa oversaw the pregnancy, monitored Meghan’s health closely, and happily helped her deliver a beautiful baby girl. Watch Meghan’s story below, then visit SimplyWomen to learn how we’re making women’s health care simple. #SimplyWomen

Dr. Richmond Shares Pros and Cons of Online Mom Groups

Dr. Richmond

Social media parent groups offer moms quick access to others’ experiences, advice and support. But in the latest issue of the Simply Well Blog, Deanna Richmond, MD, pediatrician at South County Pediatrics, cautions that while these online communities are a great platform for mom-to-mom communication, parents need to be aware that there also is a lot of misinformation spread in these groups, especially when it comes to health matters. So, when is it appropriate to turn to other moms for guidance, and when should you rely on your doctor? Read the article to find out, and don’t forget to visit our new Simply Women web page for easy access to lots of helpful information. #SimplyWomen

Health Watch: Gynecology 101 with Celeste Straight, MD

A woman’s health care can be complicated. As we navigate different stages of life, our health needs change, as do the screenings we get and the physicians we see. For example, your daughter just began menstruating; when should she see a gynecologist? You and your partner are thinking about starting a family; when should you consult with an obstetrician? Your mother is in her 70s; does she need to continue seeing a gynecologist annually? Celeste Straight, MD, obstetrics and gynecology, helps simplify the answers to these questions and more in this segment of Health Watch. Watch the video, below, and visit Simply Women for easy access to additional women’s health resources. #SimplyWomen

Women’s Health Series: Take a Virtual Maternity Center Tour

Delivering a baby may not be “simple,” but deciding where to deliver should be! In response to an increasing demand for tours of our Maternity Center, we now offer an online tour of the Medical Center’s Mother-Baby Unit and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). In addition to providing parents-to-be with a snapshot of both units, the video includes a brief overview of what to expect when delivery time comes from Julia Johnson, MD, chair of obstetrics and gynecology, Larry Rhein, MD, chief of the NICU, and fellow parents who have experienced first-hand what it’s like to deliver here. Watch the tour and check out our other resources by visiting Simply Women. #SimplyWomen

Women’s Health Series: An Ovarian Cancer Survivor Story

Like many women, Mary Kay led a busy life and didn’t have time for an illness. But when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer following an appendectomy, her world screeched to a halt. As a retired nurse, Mary Kay had dozens of questions, but after meeting Sharmilee Korets, MD, gynecologic oncologist, one answer became clear. She was certain that she wanted to receive her care from Dr. Korets at our Medical Center. Watch Mary Kay’s story in the Women’s Health Month series video below. Visit Simply Women to see more stories and take advantage of resources that aim to make access to women’s health care simple. #SimplyWomen

Simply Women: Weekend Warriors Reap Long-term Benefits

As we age, it takes a little longer to recover from exercise. But in a recent feature of the Simply Women’s series on the Simply Well blog, Patty Byler, PT, and Minne Henry, PTA, from UMass Memorial-Marlborough Hospital physical therapy share that the effort weekend warriors put in is truly beneficial to their bodies in the long run, and a little soreness shouldn’t deter you from lacing up those sneakers. Read the post to learn how regular exercise may even add a few years to your life!