Confront Your Stress Head on with myHealth Matters

UMass Memorial Health Care caregivers know that working in health care comes with its fair share of stress. To manage stress, UMass Memorial has partnered with the Center for Mindfulness to educate our staff on what mindfulness is, as well as to promote the center’s stress reduction courses available in person or online. Many of these programs qualify for reimbursement by your health insurance or by your wellness reimbursement or flexible spending account if your primary care provider authorizes them. Benefits-eligible employees: Earn 1,000 points on the myHealth Matters website when you complete a “Stress Management Training” course.

Take on New Summertime myHealth Matters Challenges!

Join the newly added challenges that began June 11 on the myHealth Matters website. Put on your walking shoes and get moving with the “Track 9,000 Steps Daily” challenge. Practice mindfulness and set time aside for activities you enjoy in the “Stop Spinning Your Wheels Over Stress” challenge. In the “List Your Professional Strengths” challenge, reflect on your talents and abilities in your workplace role to discover your potential. Benefits-eligible employees: Log points each week to qualify for a $300 wellness reimbursement account deposit and other great rewards.

De-stress at Work with Monday Mindfulness and More

Need to take a break from the rush of your work routine? Join Monday Mindfulness sessions with UMass Memorial Health Care President and CEO Eric Dickson, MD. Held every Monday at 12:10 pm, these virtual sessions provide you with instruction and opportunities for reflection, so you’ll return to your workday feeling refreshed. Join by videoconference or dial in at 408-638-0968 (meeting ID: 282-353-218). Benefits-eligible employees: For more ways to de-stress, visit the myHealth Matters portal to complete the “Clear Your Workspace to Clear Your Mind” and “Connect with a Friend to Lift Your Mood” challenges.

Health Watch: Dr. Lavena Discusses Mindfulness Meditation

Do you suffer from migraines, hypertension, stress or other conditions? Consider mindfulness meditation, the practice of paying close attention to one’s inner and outer experiences with acceptance, patience and compassion. In the Health Watch segment below, Marianela Lavena, MD, family physician at Main Street Bolton Primary Care, explains the benefits of practicing mindfulness meditation and how it can help alleviate the symptoms of many conditions. Learn how you can practice mindfulness by joining the 15-minute Monday Mindfulness session with President and CEO Eric Dickson, MD, and other system leaders. Learn more.

Hot Topic at Schwartz Rounds: Stress


Attend the upcoming Schwartz Center Rounds, “Providing Compassionate Care in Times of Stress,” Friday, April 13, noon to 1 pm (lunch 11:45 am). Place the forum in your schedule by downloading the outlook calendar appointment. Located in the Faculty Conference Room, S1-342, University Campus, this event is an opportunity to discuss the role stress plays in providing compassionate care. Featured panelists include Thomas Guggina, MD, Boris Lorberg, MD, Christine Runyan, PhD, and Jennifer LaFemina, MD. One contact hour will be provided for nurses and physicians, and preregistration is not required. Email with questions, ideas for topics or to join the rounds planning committee. Learn more.

Get Serious about Wellness; Join High-Point and Walk Challenges

Starting February 26, new high-point challenges make it easy for benefits-eligible employees to earn reward incentives on the myHealth Matters website.

  • Get your flu shot to earn 250 points or log shopping trips with NutriSavings for 500 points. You can also work out twice a week for eight weeks to earn 500 points.
  • For a serious boost – and a surefire way to earn the $300 wellness reimbursement – log 1,000 points by completing a weight management program or stress management training. Complete both programs and log 2,000 points to be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card!
  • If walking is your thing, there are two walking challenges underway. Sign up for the Walking in a Winter Wonderland pedometer challenge, sponsored by the Fitness Center at the Albert Sherman Center, to can help you earn 5,000 steps daily toward the myHealth Matters’ Steps Challenge. Winter Wonderland continues through March 16; participants who earn 150,000 steps are also entered in a prize raffle. Email Brittany Reyome at or call 774-455-3500 to join.

Not Feeling Quite Like Yourself? Find Anxiety and Stress Resources

Between work, family commitments and the holidays, stress and anxiety can take the joy out of the season. If you’re feeling worried, helpless or sad, help is here for you. Take an anonymous and confidential screening to determine if you should connect with a mental health professional. Reach out to the Employee Assistance Program, available to all Medical Center caregivers, for support at 800-322-5327. Experiencing stress? The practice of mindfulness in the workplace helps support your resiliency, strength and flexibility. Visit the Center for Mindfulness website to register for specialized programs and learn about reimbursement using your flexible spending account.

Feeling Stressed? Learn about Mindfulness Program Reimbursements

Experiencing stress? Need an outlet to help you with the transition to Epic? The practice of mindfulness in the workplace helps support your resiliency, strength and flexibility. Three core Center of Mindfulness programs are now added to your options using your flexible spending and wellness reimbursement (earned via myHealth Matters) accounts, visit the website to learn how you can register and be reimbursed for these programs:

Remember, you can also join CEO Eric Dickson, MD and other system leaders for 15-minute Monday Mindfulness at 12:10 pm by video conference or audio dial (call: 408-638-0968 or 646-558-8656; meeting ID: 282-353-218).

Rise to the Challenge: Join a myHealth Matters Summer Activity!

The myHealth Matters website is the best place to get serious about your health with fun, engaging activities. On September 24, summer challenges wrap up in time for our fall program, so be sure to log your points if you’re a benefits-eligible employee. Try “Go Somewhere Wild” to reduce stress with a summer daytrip or simply unplug and enjoy “Tech-free Meals” with loved ones. To be more responsible with your expenses, try the “Check Your Spending Leaks” to save money. In addition to completing these great challenges, stay tuned for more exciting activities coming this fall!

Join Your Colleagues and Find a Wellness Challenge That Suits You

This year, more and more of your fellow caregivers are registering on the myHealth Matters website and taking positive action toward their well-being. More than half of UMass Memorial Health Care caregivers have signed up, and a whopping 500 participants registered in the last year alone. This means that when you complete challenges to reduce stress and manage your weight, you’re joining your colleagues to create a healthier, more engaged work community. Whether you’re visiting the portal for the first time or catching up on a missed workout challenge, make summer 2017 active, healthy and fun!