Tomorrow Is Dress in Blue Day; Get 50 myHealth Matters Points!

Join us as we kick off Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month with Dress in Blue Day on Friday, March 2! We are encouraging a systemwide caregiver engagement in Dress in Blue Day. Show your support by going blue from head to toe! Those who participate are eligible to receive a 50-point wellness reward through myHealth Matters. Help us raise awareness for this preventable, curable disease through education and conversation. Be sure to use #timetotalkaboutit and #dressinblueday when submitting or posting your photos to our Medical Center Facebook page. View the flyer for a full list of this month’s activities including, information tables in campus cafeterias, Facebook Live Ask the Experts series, #strongarmselfie campaign and employee screenings,

It’s Time to Talk about It: Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Team members from the Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery (top photo) and Eastern Avenue Endoscopy (bottom photo) get ready for Dress in Blue Day.

Colon and rectal cancers are the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, making it #timetotalkaboutit. We are kicking off Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month Friday, March 2 with Dress in Blue Day and the lighting of the Burns Bridge over Lake Quinsigamond. Show your support by dressing in blue and posting individual and team pictures to our Medical Center Facebook page. Be sure to include #timetotalkaboutit and #dressinblueday. For some extra fun, our Marketing and Communications Department can provide your team with temporary blue star tattoos to keep the conversation going all month long. Contact the Marketing and Communications Department to request yours. Check out our flyer to view the full list of activities including information tables in campus cafeterias, Facebook Live Ask the Experts series, #strongarmselfie campaign and employee screenings.

Beat Colorectal Cancer Before It Starts: #timetotalkaboutit

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month is coming to a close, but it’s not our last opportunity to talk about colon health! Our friends in the Division of Gastroenterology are always willing to chat year around. They have heard it all before so there’s no need to be embarrassed. Some warning signs of colorectal cancer include a change in bowel habits that last more than a few days, bleeding or blood in the stool, cramping or stomach pain, vomiting, unexpected weight loss and/or the feeling of fullness that does not go away after you have a bowel movement. Colorectal cancer is 80 to 90 percent treatable, so take your first step toward colon health and learn about our employee screening program which reimburses the co-pay of your first colonoscopy.

Comfortable Colonoscopy Prep? Read Dr. Hyatt’s Guest Blog!

Colonoscopies may not be the highlight of your week, but having the procedure could save your life. Colorectal cancer is 80 to 90 percent preventable, and the key to prevention is screenings. So, don’t let the prep keep you away. “Gone is the gallon of salt water prep solution,” said Benjamin Hyatt, MD, gastroenterology, in his guest post about the advances in colonoscopy prep on our Simply Well blog. Simply Well is a community wellness blog produced by the Marketing and Communications Department. Follow the blog today.

Share ‘Dress in Blue Day’ Photos to Support Colon Cancer Awareness

dibd_rgbDid you remember to wear blue today to observe Dress in Blue Day for Colon Cancer Awareness! If you did, grab your coworkers for a picture and upload it to our Medical Center Facbook page. In case you forgot to wear blue, just grab a blue UMass Memorial fleece and say cheese! Don’t forget to follow our page during the month of March for ongoing tips on colorectal health and cancer prevention because it’s #timetotalkaboutit! According to Colon Cancer Alliance, colon cancer is 90 percent beatable when caught early. Take your first step and learn about our employee screening program which reimburses the co-pay of your first colonoscopy.

Say Hello to Colon Health: #timetotalkaboutit

Oh-Poop-NewsViewsDid you know March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month? Celebrate colon health with #timetotalkaboutit. Follow us on Facebook  through the month of March to learn more about colorectal health. We will be giving out a special prize to two randomly selected followers who like, comment or share our #timetotalkaboutit posts. Brace yourself for talk of colonoscopies, fiber and number twos. Start today by checking out our Oh Poop infographic, and learn what makes a healthy bowel movement!

#timetotalkaboutit during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

colorectal month 2016Help us raise awareness for colorectal cancer and prevention through education and conversation! Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths with over 50,000 people dying from colon cancer each year in the United States alone. Early screening is the best way to detect and prevent colon cancer.  Visit our Facebook page throughout March to learn about colon-related health information including prevention and diet. Each week we’re giving away a special prize to one randomly selected Facebook follower who likes, shares or comments on any of our posts hashtagged #timetotalkaboutit.