Don’t Wait! Log Your High-point Challenges Now

December 10 marks the last day benefits-eligible employees can log points on the myHealth Matters portal and qualify for a $300 wellness reimbursement and/or be entered into the Amazon gift card drawings. All your points count toward the 1,000-point bronze-level reward and the 3,000-point gold-level reward. Are you close to logging eight shopping trips and earning 500 points in the “NutriSavings Participation” challenge? Or have you just about completed the 1,000-point “Manage Your Weight” or “Stress Management Formal Training” challenges? Complete and submit your high-point challenges today!

Get Serious about Wellness; Join High-Point and Walk Challenges

Starting February 26, new high-point challenges make it easy for benefits-eligible employees to earn reward incentives on the myHealth Matters website.

  • Get your flu shot to earn 250 points or log shopping trips with NutriSavings for 500 points. You can also work out twice a week for eight weeks to earn 500 points.
  • For a serious boost – and a surefire way to earn the $300 wellness reimbursement – log 1,000 points by completing a weight management program or stress management training. Complete both programs and log 2,000 points to be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card!
  • If walking is your thing, there are two walking challenges underway. Sign up for the Walking in a Winter Wonderland pedometer challenge, sponsored by the Fitness Center at the Albert Sherman Center, to can help you earn 5,000 steps daily toward the myHealth Matters’ Steps Challenge. Winter Wonderland continues through March 16; participants who earn 150,000 steps are also entered in a prize raffle. Email Brittany Reyome at or call 774-455-3500 to join.

Use Your Wellness Reimbursement Before It’s Too Late

Did you earn a $300 wellness reimbursement account deposit this year for logging points on the myHealth Matters website? If you received the reimbursement two years in a row, you may have funds in your account over $400. Note that only $400 of your wellness reimbursement will be rolled over into next year. Your wellness reimbursement can be used for a long list of medical expenses, so be sure to use it by December 31.

Make 2015 Your Year to Become a ‘New You’

myHealth Matters with tagline for N&V copymyHealth Matters is here to help you now and throughout the year to be successful in making healthier lifestyle changes. Even if you didn’t participate last year, benefits-eligible employees can still activate your portal account to take advantage of the resources and activities to help you along your way. Interested in earning your $200 wellness reimbursement (flexible spending account) this year? There are only three things to do:

Need more information?  Check out the wellness pages on MyHR or contact Thomas Ward, wellness program Coordinator at 508 334-8239 or